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14. November 2014 13:40
by Jobo

Survival Knitting…

14. November 2014 13:40 by Jobo | 0 Comments

My children are adorable… the cutest little munchkins ever.  ‘Kat’ is 5 months, and ‘Bear’ is one month short of 3 years old.  They are sweet and smart and funny…

But Dude… they don’t seem to sleep much! 

When I`m overtired… I have a hard time keeping up in general.  This has been a challenging week.  I do pretty well on 4 hours sleep a night… but this week it`s been even less than that.  Iced Coffee is my BFF.

I love being creative and making things up as I go.  I love modifying patterns and tweaking things to add my own flair.  I daydream and scheme spinning, knitting and yarny things around the clock.  I get excited and talk too fast and too much about my fibery aspirations.  I get all worked up about my hobbies!

When I am this tired though… I can hardly butter toast.

Enter the realm of survival knitting

Sometimes I just need a project to follow row by row.  Something that I don`t try and jazz up.  I follow the pattern exactly as written.  I have to mark the rows I’ve completed in the margin, and make notes of any counts or measurements so I can remember how to make the second of a pair. 

This kind of knitting isn’t challenging – it`s comforting and calming. 

It doesn't charge me up – it relaxes me and makes me feel like I am accomplishing something small in my chaotic day.

Some days all I get is 15 or 20 minutes… but these short bursts of “survival knitting” are what`s keeping me sane.  Ok.  The knitting and the chocolate. 


Do you ever craft to “Survive”?  Tell me about it either in the comments below, or head on over to JoboDesigns on Facebook!  (remember to “like” the page while you are there!)



12. November 2014 09:53
by Jobo

Whatcha Working On Wednesday! Sampling with Samples

12. November 2014 09:53 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Trying to start something new...  I thought on Wednesdays I would just simply show you what I'm working on :)

On Monday, two of my lovely friends (Jo and C) came for a visit.  We had lunch, knitted, spun, and chatted for the day.  It was just what the doctor ordered, and VERY much appreciated too!

While they were here... C was carding some wool on handcards and inspired me to go grab mine, and some sample wool and play with it.  So I carded an unknown wool sample with some of Ruttiger's Soft Combings to make some soft fluffy Rolags.  I spun them up fine on my Phil Powell Jewel Russian.  I can always count on the girls for inspiration and enabling!

I chain-plied the sample and got around 40 yards or so of light fingering / heavy lace yarn.  The colors are really pretty... stretches of teal, blue, purple and sage.  I hoped to be able to show the finished yarn today, but alas, the dyer was enthusiastic about dyeing and not rinsing.  I rinsed three times last night, and the water was BLUE BLUE BLUE.  I soaked overnight and it's still blue.  This morning I've changed the water twice - still blue.  I'm glad I don't have a whole braid, I'd have been annoyed (and blue)

When the soaking stops, and the color stops bleeding.... I have a simple little idea for this teensy skein!  I'll keep you posted!

6. November 2014 13:42
by Jobo

Button for your thoughts? Custom Designed Dr Who Buttons... of course!

6. November 2014 13:42 by Jobo | 1 Comments

I've been plugging away on my Custom Dr Who Tardis Slippers... (you can read more here:  linky) and I finally have something fun to show!

After an exhaustive search for buttons... I wasn't able to find what I wanted - one inch sized two or four hole buttons with some kind of Dr Who themed design or pattern.  I looked at clay ones, and printed ones.  I found a dalek or two, and a couple of tardis ones, but nothing in the size and level of simplicity required for this project.

So I started thinking... If I could have any buttons, what would they look like?  And then it hits me - I could make buttons with a secret inside message for the slipper recipients! I could create buttons and write anything I wanted on them in Circular Gallifreyan!  (basically the made up language of the Time Lords in the series)

Then I started looking for a Gallifreyan translator... bought some one inch white resin buttons and a trusty permanent fine point marker...  and started playing with my idea.


Here are the finished buttons!  I think they look fantastic... and I love that the design actually represents words that are meaningful for my Client!


CONTEST: Would you like to win a set of three custom designed Dr Who Buttons for yourself?  Decipher the code and tell me what the top set of buttons says, and I will make you three buttons of your very own!  Please email entries to fiddle_grrl AT Hotmail DOT com with the subject of "Dr Who Buttons". Entries accepted until Nov 20/14 at 5 pm.  All correct entries will be entered in a hat for a random draw!  Like us and Share the post on Facebook for an extra entry :)

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