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31. May 2010 10:45
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday - Moving is Killing my Yarn Buzz

31. May 2010 10:45 by Jobo | 2 Comments

cardboard box

Finally, we are moving the end of June.  Moving = Packing.

This weekend I packed up the majority of my stash... gently touching, petting, and then packing each skein.  You would all laugh at me if you knew how many boxes leaving my studio were filled with yarn and fiber alone.  I laughed at myself really :P

Oh Glorious Yarn Stash!  How I love thee.  I dream of projects to be made out of each ball and skein, like promises of enjoyable knitting to come... someday!  There are yarns of every weight and color, and I love them all!  And then there are the bags of fluffy, light, wonderful wools.... Don't get me started on spinning fiber.  I might have to unpack it, roll around in it, and have a little yarny nap in it!  That might put the packing schedule a little bit behind...

There may not be many Yarn Candy Monday Photos for a little while until I am able to unpack my toys.  Rest assured however, that I have an extra large basket of my very favorite yarns at the ready...  Just because I'm moving doesn't mean I won't knit this month!  The knitting may be the only thing that saves my sanity....

28. May 2010 10:34
by Jobo

Ruttiger... The baby is growing!

28. May 2010 10:34 by Jobo | 4 Comments

A friend and I went to visit the baby wabbits up at the farm last weekend... sorry it took so long to share the photos!

These little furbabies are English Angora rabbits... one of whom I will be adopting around the first of July!  The litter had 6 little ones - the runt didn't make it... so there are 5 babies peeping around the nest box.  The breeders want to keep the white one, and there are 4 other grey ones for me to choose from.  At this point since they are so small yet, and their coats are still growing in, it is still impossible to know what they will look like as adults.  Two of the grey babies are light in color, and the other two are slightly darker.


I know it's hard to see much in the nest... with all of the hay and soft fluffy angora!  The bunnies seem very happy in there, and nice and warm.  Their eyes are just starting to open at this point, and they are starting to wander around a little bit

ruttiger  <--  This little guy kept poking his little wiggly nose out of the box to sniff the springtime air and check out the lawn.

I think the babies must have recently fed, because their little bellies were round and full and warm.  They didn't seem to mind being held at all, and their Mom "Reba" was not upset by the fact that were were handling them either.  This is her second litter of kits since Melvin and Lorraine got their pair. 

The mother is a Blue English Angora, lovingly named Reba after the country singer Reba MacIntyre, and the father is a Tort named Tim, for another country superstar of course, Tim McGraw.  They are as attractive a couple in fur-form as they would be in real life :P

Steph and Ruttiger

For someone who doesn't want a rabbit... my Friend S was getting pretty cozy with a little grey one!  I think there might be another rabbit lover in the making here!

I was so excited about petting and holding the little guys that I almost forgot to take any photos!  In fact I went back to the car about halfway through the visit to get it, after having forgotten completely that I had promised to show pictures!

Happy Friday!

25. May 2010 05:00
by Jobo

Shetland Triangle... Finished and Blocked

25. May 2010 05:00 by Jobo | 3 Comments

floating on the breeze

shetland triangleThe Shetland Triangle has been a quite enjoyable project... beads included.  The tiny crochet hook was very easy to use, and even the beaded rows flew along at reasonable speeds.  I decided that the shawl didn't need all-over bling, but perhaps just the last few pattern repeats.  After some deliberation, I choose to add them to row 9 (the mostly plain knit row of the 10 row repeat) and then to bead the very points of the border with 3 beads on each point, and the centre one of course.

The beads themselves seem to match in quite nicely.  At first I wasn't sure if the slightly rainbow essence would match the Plum yarn, but I think that they compliment the shawl more than a plain flat black bead would have.  I actually found these beads by accident while shopping at Michael's - they were part of a premade necklace with multiple strands of beads.  There were strands of plain black shiny seed beads, several of these "e" beads that I used for Shetland Triangle, some silver metallic looking "e" beads, and finally some black "e" beads that have the look of hematite.  I bought the whole necklace for 99 cents... and I only used one strand for this piece!  I'm sure I will find something else to do with the rest at some point.

shetland triangle2

In the end I worked 2 more repeats of the initial lace pattern than the instructions called for, and surprisingly enough, I managed to use only one skein of the KnitPicks Shadow Lace that I had.  I wanted this to be large enough to wrap comfortably around the shoulders, but I don't really know the recipient that well, so I wasn't sure she would want a really huge overpowering shawl.  I think I reached a decent happy medium on size.  This also means I have enough yarn to make another of these... maybe for me, since I am feeling undecided about giving this away.  I think that's usually how I know I did a good job... if I like the item well enough to keep it myself, it's likely nice enough to be giving it away to someone else?


shetland triangle4

When I was knitting this up... using the prescribed sized needles... I had wondered if maybe I should have used larger needles to get a more airy feel to this shawl.  As usual though, the magic of blocking evened out balance, and I think it feels just about right. 

The finished shawl is light but still has enough substance to warm up the wearer.  I am always amazed at how much warmth a light shawl can give.  I think it's kind of like afghans.  How can something so full of "holes" trap so much heat next to the body?  Must be one of those life mysteries ;)  I hope that the person I made this for will feel good when she wears it.  I tried to think kind and comforting thoughts as I knit along, so I like to think that maybe those good vibes will go along with her wherever she goes.  Positive Energy is Good Medicine in itself.

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