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21. June 2010 09:07
by Jobo

I have been knitting too... I swear!

21. June 2010 09:07 by Jobo | 5 Comments

My knitting time has been a little compromised with the packing and new furry baby bunny distractions... but I swear I HAVE been knitting some too!


imageI started a "Bitterroot" shawl by Rosemary Hill, a free Knitty pattern available online... using some spindle spun yarn I made right after I got my Golding Spindle last year. The wool was a Merino Sliver handpainted by Fleece Artist... and delightfully soft!  you can read more about the yarn itself in another post here.  This yarn is somewhere around fingering weight, though maybe about the thickness of a thinner sock yarn.  The way the 2 plies gradually change from one color to the next, there is a slight heathering and gentle mixing of one color to the next.  I am excited to see how the transitions go :)

I decided that I would try doing the pattern as written even though I only have around 300 yards of yarn.  I can always take a repeat out somewhere when the time comes.  I hope that I don't come to regret the "Fudge-it" strategy on this one.

And of course the prerequisite baby pic... since I know you all wonder how the baby is!  Fuzzy warm and Growing!

Ruttiger June 20 002

17. June 2010 04:35
by Jobo

Ruttiger is home!

17. June 2010 04:35 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Jobo and Ruttiger home 2 We were thinking of waiting until after our move to bring Ruttiger home... but lately life has been a little stressful, and we were both feeling like we needed a pick-me-up a little earlier than all of that.

Ruttiger will be 6 weeks old on the weekend... and I had everything ready for him to come home, so when I called the breeder and he thought that the bunnies were weaning well and eating and drinking well on their own... and that Maybe he could come home with us any time... EEK!  We were excited!shoulder perch

I'm sure there will be more photos and stories later... but for now, here are a few pics of the baby snuggling on the couch with his new crazy people family.  I hope we will be a good substitute for his littermates... and I hope he isn't too lonely at home today while we are at work :(

Welcome home Ruttiger Fuzzybottom!

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