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31. August 2010 15:43
by Jobo

IK2: Iron Knitter 2 - Mad Knitting begins Sept 1st!

31. August 2010 15:43 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I thoroughly enjoyed last year's Iron Knitter competition:  6 rounds of socksational knitting mayhem!  I learned new techniques (colorwork in socks, crazy lace, unique construction, etc) and I met a lot of neat new people too!

IK2 has a tv theme this year - AMC's hit show Mad Men.  Helen assures us that you don't need to watch the show to succeed in the competition, but I've actually been a fan of the show since the beginning... and Marky and I just rewatched the first 3 seasons in anticipation of the next one finishing soon.  (The husbeast wanted to wait until season 4 finished, and then we'll watch the whole thing in a matter of days/weeks... that way he won't miss any due to the summer busy-ness)

I hope that life allows me the flexibility that I had for the last IK competition... but who knows!  I guess I'll start out with the rest of the pack and hope for the best :)

mad knitting

By the way... Apparently I'm a "Jane Siegel" according to the "Which MadMen character are you?" quiz

Which character are you?  (link to quiz here)

30. August 2010 13:21
by Jobo

Cashmere... oh my!

30. August 2010 13:21 by Jobo | 0 Comments


I keep hearing about how wonderful cashmere is as a fiber.  I've fondled cashmere clothing in fancy stores and touched a few cashmere blend yarns, but this is my first time working with pure cashmere fiber!

I tried to photograph the fiber itself, but white fluffy things just don't seem to show well with my camera...  The fiber is some 100% Cashmere roving that I bought from Belfast Mini Mills last month.  I bought a bag of 2 oz to try, and clearly I should have gone with the bigger bag because this stuff is wonderful to spin on the Russian spindle!

The soft and airy fluff is made up of a relatively short staple, and drafts apart like a dream.  It was very easy to achieve a uniform thin single.  In fact I managed to spin up 0.5 ounces in only a few evenings... each handful just drifted by!


angoraandcashmereNext step will be to ply this yummy cashmere single with the devilishly soft 100% angora single I finished last week...  Angora and Cashmere yarn - the absolute height of soft fuzzy decadence!

I think I might end up with a little bit more of the angora than the cashmere... just looking at the skeins... but it's hard to tell because the cashmere spun up a little thinner than the other.  I figure I'll try and ply them first, and if I run out of cashmere I'll have to spin a little more.  I had a feeling that 0.5 ounces of cashmere might feel a little different spun than 0.5 ounces of angora would...

More to come :)

27. August 2010 07:21
by Jobo

Della Socks... a satisfying adventure!

27. August 2010 07:21 by Jobo | 0 Comments

della socks closeup After the last pair of plain black ribbed socks I felt like I needed some Pizazz!  Some Adventure!  Some colour at least! lol

This pattern (Della Socks by Holly Terrell) has really hit the spot as far as interest and simplicity goes!

  • -The leg of the sock is in a zig-zaggy pattern
  • -There is a neat little band of garter stitch like a little ankle-bracelet
  • -The Heel is in a basic slipped stitch, cushy stitch
  • -The foot some fun Cable-like Ropes running from ankle to toes

    Since the initial cast on, I feel quite pleased and entertained by this sock!  I love that the pattern has changes and twists and turns along the way.  By the way things have been progressing, it looks like sock number one could be completed today... and as you can see it fits me perfectly!  The design progresses from the chevrons to the garter to the ropes with ease, and makes a great looking transition!  I also love the coloring of the yarn... just enough flashing to be interesting, without being overkill.

    Della past ankle

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