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15. July 2011 13:00
by Jobo

Ruttiger... Summer Salads are Delicious!

15. July 2011 13:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Ruttiger June 27 Salad

It has been such a treat having a vegetable garden again!  When we moved last year, it had been too late to plan anything, so we didn't have any homegrown vegetables at all. This year, Marky built me some 4x4 foot container gardens for the back yard so we could resume the gardening!  I planted tomatoes, onions, carrots, herbs, several types of lettuce, spinach, and yellow beans... most of which have come up and are doing pretty well.  The spinach and lettuce are big enough now to chow down on, and the beans should be starting to flower soon, so the beans won't be far behind. 

Ruttiger is also enjoying the fresh summer vegetables!  Throughout the winter months, he got treats of whatever we were eating at the time, but having a garden in the backyard means that I can go grab a handful of bunny salad anytime I please.  He's been getting bits of fresh grass, timothy hay, clover, lettuce, spinach, and all sorts of goodies.  (I think he might eat as many vegetables as I do these days)  At least on the days when I know the heat is getting to the little fuzzypants, I can give him some wet veggies and know that he is getting the proper amount of water and isn't getting dehydrated!

In other news... fresh Island Strawberries are also out - another classic taste of summer here on P.E.I. yummmmmmmm.

11. July 2011 10:32
by Jobo

Making some Progress...

11. July 2011 10:32 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Little by little, I'm making some progress on some knit/crochet items...  despite the summer heat.  I've been melting a little more than usual when it's warm, especially where the warm makes my hands and feet swell up.  I've been battling with my rings to get them on and off.  The puffy appendages have not, however, stopped me from fondling the fiber.

As far as the crochet goes... I'm working on a creative swap with a photographer friend:  I made her some photo props, and when the Jellybean gets here, she will take photos for us!  Sounds like a perfect fair trade to me?!  I made one of those baby cocoon/bowl type thingees, and a soft textured knitted hammock.  For the bowl I used a nice neutral brown colored Lionbrand Homespun (which lived up to it's reputation of making a nice finished object, but being a general PITA to work with).  For the hammock, the pattern called for 2 strands of bulky yarn, and 35 mm needles (yes, double take, THIRTY FIVE mm) so I opted for a nice plain cream worsted weight in soft acrylic and a strand of nice floofy cream boucle.  I really like the texture of the two yarns together.  It took a little while to get used to knitting with tree trunks, but after that, the hammock didn't really take that long.  Next I get to work on some textured small blankets to be used as backgrounds, and perhaps some hat and diaper cover sets.  I have lots of ideas :)

I also completed a shawl I have been working on since Christmas - the persimmon Vernal Equinox.  Sadly, my cell phone camera cannot capture this orange.  It reminds me of the color of burning embers... changing from red to orange, even with flecks of gold.  The shawl itself is ginormous, feels lovely and drapey on, but alas, unless you are able to stop by my office today, I cannot properly show you it's awesomeness.  Sigh.  We need to really get the camera situation back in order.

In other news, the Bump is here, and is here to stay:  Also, no photos of that either.  I am trying to be patient waiting to feel the Jellybean move (which I am assured will happen any day, now that we have reached 17 week status... certainly by Week 20) but as of yet I have not felt any of the "bubbles" and/or "butterflies" that others describe.  I thought I felt something once, but it was Gas, as evidenced by later events.  Also, le Sigh.

Hope your Monday is a good one, full of fun.

4. July 2011 10:57
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday... More Lace Handspun

4. July 2011 10:57 by Jobo | 0 Comments

madli Swatch

Lately I've been gravitating towards ultra-thin, almost cobwebby handspun for lace.  I think maybe because I like getting the absolute most out of a pretty braid of fiber... that, and I love to knit lace in the first place! 

This - is from a bag of carded fiber from Belfast Mini Mills - a blend of Bamboo, Merino and Tussah Silk (percentages of which elude me at the moment)  I'm testing out a theory that I should be able to spin this very lightweight on my Russian Supported Spindle, and perhaps have enough out of the 4 ounce bag to make an estonian style haapsalu shawl... or at least something in that tradition.  I wanted to spin up a handful first and see how the finished yarn behaves before I go on to complete the whole bag.

The Yarn is a nice fine 2 ply... which shifts from light creamy green to denim blue and back and forth.  Basically the roving has a strip of each color side-by-side (will get more photos later) and as you spin back and forth across you get a blend.  When I started spinning, I noticed quite a few nepps and little blobs of the silk, which was a little disappointing.  I had hoped for an ultra-smooth spin, as one would usually find with bamboo and silk blend fibers.  I decided though, to just let it go - spin it as it comes - and try not to be too much of a control freak about everything.  I'm going to have to learn to let go a bit with the whole baby thing, so why not start now?  (Jobo - you can't control every aspect of the world... lol)madli thread swatch

I decided to try a swatch from Knitted Lace of Estonia, since that's what was on my coffee table at the time... though I will likely go back to the Haapsalu Shawl Book when the yarn is completed and I'm ready for the official cast on.  I plan to do the basic rectangle, with the vine lace and nupps, and the standard garter stitch border, then maybe a knitted border sewn on afterwards, sanity and remaining yarn notwithstanding.  This swatch was knit on 2.75 mm dpns (since also, this is what was on my coffee table!)

The resulting lace yarn has some lumps and bumps in it.  The colors come at you randomly (only blended a little by the 2-ply's effect) and I wasn't sure if the lace stitches would cover up and complement some of this effect, or hide the lace completely.  I think the finished swatch is alright... definitely less muddy than I might have guessed it would be.  I think it's promising enough to finish spinning up the bag this way, and then cast on and see how it goes.

What do you think?  does the yarn mask the lace too much?

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