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31. August 2011 19:55
by Jobo

Little Blue Socks... very little!

31. August 2011 19:55 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I've been having a hard time getting much accomplished knitting-wise lately.  I pick away at a few things, here and there, but never seem to finish anything big or impressive the last little while.  I think that's why I'm enjoying knitting baby things.  Not only will they be useful soon, but it's the sort of project I can actually finish and feel like I achieved something.

Blue Little Sockies 

These are some tiny, approximately infant sized, leftover socks.  I have lots of little balls of leftover sock yarn in a big basket in the craft studio.  I had been planning forever on trying to come up with a use for them - maybe a sock-yarn-scrap-blanket or a crazy pair of fair isle socks or something.  I think this solution is a bit more fun:  Make baby socks and hats out of them!  So that's what I've been doing... making little socks and hats until I run out!  This particular pair is made from some Araucania Ranco Multi leftovers :)

One thing I find very challenging about making baby things, however, is the sizing.  I know how big adult feet are.  I know how big the average adult noggin is.  Children however, especially babies, are a complete mystery to me!  I can read the gauge in the pattern and try to match it perfectly, but often the finished garment looks either too big or too small to my inexperienced view of babies.  I've made some socks that look teensy weensy, and hats that look too big.  These socks, I hope, are an intermediate size.... perhaps too big for a newborn, but hopefully just right for somewhere between newborn and 3 - 6 months.  I knit this pair on size 2.5 mm circs, with 40 stitches in the round... done the boring old traditional way from the cuff down.

I keep trying to reassure myself - babies come in all shapes and sizes; if I make enough pairs of various things in various sizes, there will be a kid somewhere who will be able to wear them.  Even if that's not my own little jellybean, someone will get use out of them :)

29. August 2011 08:12
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Double Whammy!

29. August 2011 08:12 by Jobo | 0 Comments

TTT Tiny Turkish

Today, you get a double whammy of spindle/fiber eye candy!  I finally gave in and decided to try a turkish spindle.  I had been wanting to give one an honest try for a while.  I received a larger Turkish in a swap at one point, but I didn't like it much.  it seemed that the spin was just off, and I couldn't get the hang of it.  Maybe I was totally doing it wrong, but it just didn't click for me.  That was odd of course because I usually Love spindles!  (i.e. like a fat kid loves cake)  and I had not really met a spindle that I didn't find some value in.

Fastforward to last week:  I was inspired by someone on a Rav Forum to try a Threads Thru Time Tiny Turkish :)

This little fella really is Tiny... no joke!  Tiny weighs in at 0.6 ounces, and stands only 4.5 inches tall.  He looks like an Eiffel Tower miniature, except in Cobalt Blue and pretty as heck.  Apparently these are made from dyed and then laminated wood and come in all different colors.  The company also makes a few different sizes and weights.  The "Tiny" is not recommended as a beginner spindle.  That's ok - I'm not a beginner spindle obsessor enthusiast!

This experience was a much more positive one... the spin in this case is great!  It took me a while to figure out the best method of "flicking" to get Tiny turning, but with a little practice I was twisting that sample fiber up like nobody's business! (Ashland Bay Merino - in Violet in case you wondered...)

After the sample swatch I couldn't help myself... the weight and the spin created such a great teensy thread, I jumped right into a 5.5 ounce commitment to spin some Corgi Hill Farms Merino/Silk 80/20:




Tiny Turkish with Seaglass CorgiHill 

The colorway here is called "Seaglass"... a mix of pale seafoams, teals, and mossy greens.  Really, I think the name fits - it has that same greeny feeling you get from sand polished glass you find on the beach.  I've always loved the products I've purchased from the Ladies of Corgi Hill Farms.  The fibers are sublime, well prepared, fantastically dyed, and arrive lightning quick in the mail.  I love the batts too :)  I hope to be able to get a ton of yardage from the 5.5 ounce braid.... I had started spinning just end to end, but decided that the color runs would be too long that way and decided to strip the top in half lengthwise and try from there.  Something tells me I might end up stripping the second half even further to make the finished yarn more blended.  Unplanned Fiber Adventure!  should be interesting... and feels so exotic and unusual on this teensy unique little spindle!


26. August 2011 08:13
by Jobo

Leaf Lace Hat... in Handspun Yarn

26. August 2011 08:13 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Yes folks, the Baby-Crazy is probably upon us.  I've been thinking a lot about what we should be getting ready for the jellybean, but it's tough getting started.  It seems that there are tons of lists and gadgets and piles of general junk that you are "supposed to" be acquiring before bring a new baby home, but I'm just not sure I buy into all of the hype.  I know there are certain things that are not optional (i.e. place to sleep, way to get and stay clean, some form of diapering, feeding equipment, car seat) but we're trying to avoid the buying-for-buying-sake type items.  The kid won't be able to use something like a bouncy swing the minute he/she comes home.  Take a deep breath and just take comfort in the fact that we don't need "everything" the second the brat comes home.

One thing that doesn't stress me out about getting ready for Baby - the Baby Knits!

Baby stuff is easy peasy... takes very little yarn, next to no time commitment, and carries that cutesy factor that makes us all go "Awwwwwww, wook at da baby stuffff!"

I was stuck waiting in doctors' offices a bunch last month, so I've been just tossing leftover balls of yarn in my purse (with coordinated needles of course) and just picking away at small projects when possible.

One such project:  Handspun Leafy (Lace-leaf hat by Sophy T. O'Donnell)

I basically took smaller yarn (heavy fingering/sport instead of worsted/aran) and smaller needles (4 mm instead of 5.5 mm) and worked the smaller size of this hat as written.  I have always enjoyed knitting leaf lace, and this was no exception.  Simple to follow, every second row is knit plain so it works up fast, and the gradually migrating colors of the handspun added some interest to the basic knit.  I don't actually have a baby head, or baby sized object to block this on, but soon enough I will! 

Leaf Lace Hat Handspun 

The yarn was leftover from these socks:  The "Not Mary Kate and Ashley" Jaywalkers I completed a few years ago (you can read more about them here) and I was quite pleased to find a use for the remnants.  I really enjoyed the way this yarn flowed between the pinks and yellows, almost like water-color paints swirling together on a painting.  I just wish my stupid camera phone would show the actual colors of things, instead of washing them out.  The new camera is coming, the new camera is coming, the new camera is coming.

marykate and ashley socks revisited

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