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7. November 2011 12:10
by Jobo

Little Mittens... fast and easy!

7. November 2011 12:10 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I have quite a few little friends... aka children in my life... who will no doubt need several pairs of hand knit mittens for the upcoming snowball season.  A couple of weeks ago, I just didn't have the attention span to make any larger projects, so I just grabbed some leftover small yarn balls and went to town on some toddler mittens.  They're made from Acrylic (various brands) so as to be indestructible and inexpensive, if they get lost it isn't a big deal.

little blue and brown mittens

At this point, having made about 6 pairs of these in a short time period, I can whip out a pair of these in an evening... if I don't get sidetracked by something else.  Plus it's an excellent way to use up the scraps at the end of other projects.  I've made brown and blue ones as you see above, but also a couple of other colors.  I think I got 3 pairs of the robin's egg blue ones out of the ball I had left!

little blue mittens

I hope to make a few more pairs and mail them out to the eventual recipients just before the holidays.  What kid doesn't love getting mail!  Especially Mail in a big envelope... with their name on it!  and something fun inside!  And maybe stickers!  I think I enjoy mail like that as much as any kid would ;)

17. October 2011 08:01
by Jobo

Alligator Mittens and Hat Set

17. October 2011 08:01 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I love working on Children's projects... for several reasons.  The cute factor is overwhelming!  I love that for kids, you can use the brightest colors available!  You can also be as creative as you want.  If you can dream it up, you can do it.  And the best part - children's projects are small enough to finish in a reasonable amount of time, so there is lots of instant gratification.

For this little set, I was asked to make mittens and a hat for a 4 year old little boy... who like most little boys, has a thing for alligators.  this began the search for the perfect shade of Alligator Green!  Normally, I gravitate towards wool products, but for this project I chose a nice soft acrylic (mainly for the indestructibility factor) and Vanna's Choice had a lovely mossy bright green.

I set to work to find a hat that would be stylish, keep ears warm, but also be functional for everyday winter wear.  I had been admiring Thorpe (available as a free pattern... follow the linky) for a long time, and had eventually intended to make one from handspun yarn for myself... This seemed the perfect opportunity.  I made a few modifications (2 extra increase rows at the crown) to account for the fact that I was using a basic worsted weight yarn instead of a bulky one, and added a few stitches to the earflaps to account for the extra stitches... but other than that, I worked the pattern mostly as written and was very satisfied with the results. 

I always find it challenging to make hats for children because of the variety in head size...  Maybe now that I'm going to have a child sized noggin at home I will be a bit more fearless?  I consulted a bunch of different patterns to try and make sure that this would fit properly.  I think I did ok in the end, because the Mom was pleased with the fit.

Alligator hat full

And of course... the star attraction - Alligator Mittens!  When we were little I remember my Grandma making dinosaur/lizard mittens with tiny yarn, and them being quite complicated to make and not as functional as regular mittens.  For this reason, I chose to make just a basic regular mitten, and then embellish with eyes and teeth.  I hope that the little guy can play and use them as his everyday mittens this winter, so I wanted them to be comfortable, and perfectly adapted for making snowballs and general seasonal antics.  Also, because they are acrylic... they are fully washable :)

Alligator set

I added crocheted eyes with black French knot pupils, and duplicate stitched teeth along the underside of the mitten.  It was hard to photograph the tooth effect without having the proper sized hands to fit inside the mittens... but you get the idea.  I hope there will be lots of "RAWR" moments and "love bites" with these mittens.

Alligator mitts

14. May 2009 21:30
by Jobo

Yearning for Yarn

14. May 2009 21:30 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Why is it that when life throws you a whole pile of crap obstacles that you seem to run out of time for the activities that help you to remain mostly sane...

The wedding is in 36 days.  I am really excited about it!  don't get me wrong!  But seriously folks, in the last 2 weeks I have been running to, fro and sideways trying to get all the necessary things done.  We got our engagement photographs taken, proofed, ordered.  Our wedding bands were chosen, picked up, paid for.  Florist chosen, flowers ordered.  Dress altered, tried on, altered again, steamed.  Hair cut.  Wedding favours chosen, filled, glue gunned, stacked, sampled, mostly completed.  Really all that is left at this point is decorating and seemingly simple things.  It remains to be seen just how simple this will actually be.

For interests' sake, here is a pic of the style of bouquet I decided on... politely borrowed from a search on Google Image, a sample of the fabric from the gentlemen's ties, the colour of the bridesmaid's dresses


Keep in mind that the dresses look darker chocolate in person, and the flowers will be more purple than pink/peach as shown in this photo.  The goal was for plum mauve dusty rose.


And of course since this blog post is supposed to be about the lack of knitting time I've had this week... about the only thing fibery I've managed to work on was my generic ribbed socks.  (And only because I can knit in the car when Marky offers to drive us to/from work!)  My Brother-in-law wanted me to knit him a pair of socks, so I've started on them (for the second time... I started with some handspun delicious yarn, but realized halfway through the first one that I would not have enough yarn to cover his size 10 feet!)  and I'm definetly making some headway (footway?)

I chose a basic acrylic yarn (Bernat Sox) which comes in an XL ball, and hopefully will be easier on his Mom than the 100% Merino I had started with.  At least these won't be accidentally felted or shrink 3 sizes if they find their way into the dryer.  The colourway is Heathered Blue, which I think will look very sharp with Blue Jeans (a teen boy's mainstay of fashion) I wasn't sure if I liked the look of the pooling going on, but once I got a little further into the foot it didn't look quite so obvious.  It's pretty interesting also to see the difference in my knitting, and what interesting changes it makes in the flashing and pooling on the sock where I was tighter or looser.


For the design I chose a basic Toe Up with a K4 P1 ribbing on the top of the foot and the leg of the sock for a little added stretch (and in case my gauge is a little wonky)  I have never knit socks in a man's large size before, so they look a little funny (aka massive!)  My Marky and my father both have relatively smallish feet in the size 9 range.  So I hope I am doing okay on these.  Especially since they are so huge that they are taking forever! (Normally I'd have the whole pair done at this point!) 

Well, there's a lull in the action... Must... goooo.... cast on.... another.... toe

hope your week was more productive knit wise!

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