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30. August 2012 08:48
by Jobo

Handspun Alpaca Mittens for Romy.

30. August 2012 08:48 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Years ago when I started spinning. I bought a 2 ounce braid of gold/yellow/red alpaca fiber from Fleece Artist.  I figured since I was just learning, it was ok to buy some small braids and just learn on them.  The finished yarn reminds me a bit of a roll of Life Savers candy. or maybe a bowl of Froot Loops?


I spun a small skein of Navajo 3-ply yarn and gave it to my Mom to knit something with.


mittens alpaca 2


Well, she decided to make a little pair of mittens and hold onto them until someday when a little grandkid came along. well BINGO! There IS a cute little grandkid, and now she is going to have warm little fingers all winter. They are still a little bit too big, but that's ok.


They're woolly and warm, and knit by her Grandma, and that's all that matters Smile


mittens alpaca (1)

15. February 2012 09:36
by Jobo

Monkey Socks? perfect knitting for Labor?

15. February 2012 09:36 by Jobo | 0 Comments

- I needed something easy but interesting to bring with me to the hospital work on the day that labor was induced? so I opted for another pair of Monkey Socks (Cookie A.)

- I had done these once before, so I knew the pattern was well written, and I also remembered that the basic construction was straightforward and I could work on them without really needing any paper pattern.  I took a photo of the main chart with my phone, so I?d have that to fall back on, but other than that, I just needed stitch counts to get started.

- I knit all morning while the contractions were getting started.  I worked the cuff, and then 3 repeats of the pattern design before things got too hairy and I needed to stop.  After the epidural I was exhausted and a little woozy, so I had to put the knitting away after that.

- Yarn:  Knitpicks Stroll Solid in Pumpkin                   - Needles:  2.5 mm Circular

Romy's Monkey 1

- Progress:  Normally I eat socks for breakfast.  I can knock off a whole pair of socks in a week or less when I?m feeling particularly focussed.  Compare that to now:  I finished sock number one around the 4 week post-partum mark? and sock number two is cast on, but only halfway to the heel so far.  At this rate, I?m looking at not finishing these until March sometime!  I?m finding that I?m gradually getting more time to myself with the little beasty having a little more independence, but still not what I was accustomed to? not by a long shot.  She is wonderful, but is seriously interfering with fiber and knit time!  sheesh kid!

- Strangely enough, it turns out that my Daughter, Romy is also a little Monkey.  I wonder if it?s a coincidence?  Or maybe she?s just following in her father?s footsteps.  He?s also a bit of a baboon sometimes *wink*

19. January 2012 15:52
by Jobo

Major Changes?

19. January 2012 15:52 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Have you wondered where I disappeared to?  I?ve been hiding out, but with good reason this time?   My knitting time has been consumed by a new necessity:

Our Daughter Andromeda Lynn - ?Romy? was born Dec 30, 2011 ? at 6:23, weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz.

Romy and Mommy Dec 30 11 3 hours old

Here we are at around 3 hours after her birth? the first time I got to hold her in my arms.  We had a bit of a challenging first meeting, and unfortunately we both needed a little help immediately after the delivery, so we didn?t really get to hang out and get acquainted for a few hours.  I?ll likely tell the whole birth story at some point when I have a bit more time to really write it out properly.

Romy, her Daddy and I are starting to get settled in now? I can?t believe that she will be 3 weeks old tomorrow!  We had some troubles with breastfeeding (which I hear now is a pretty common occurrence) but we are starting to move through them and things are gradually getting better with time.  I still haven?t managed to do much knitting, but I have really high hopes today that I might get to do a few rows on the socks I started the morning that we went to the hospital for labor to be induced.  I had knit about 3 inches worth of sock before the contractions got to be too intense to knit through :)

Romy at home 5 days old DSC_1383

Welcome to the world little girly? oh all of the wonderful things Mommy wants to teach you and show you?

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