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23. November 2009 09:00
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: New Knit Pics Sock Yarn

23. November 2009 09:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

A non-descript, boring brown package arrived at my door the other day? To the non-knitter, I'm sure it appeared as any other? But I knew it contained this:  My Knit Picks Order!  (yay for large piles of beautiful Yarn!)

knitpicks blue yarn

This particular beauty is Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn in colorway "Lullaby"  which contains 75% Merino Wool and 25% Nylon for durability.  Each Skein has lots of yardage at 462 yards per 100g - and a steal of a deal at 9.99 per hank.  I *might* have purchased a few *Ahem* ok several of the available colorways.  I wound this into a ball on Saturday to feed the need for long-car-drive-knitting.  So far so good, it is really nice to work with!

Want some?  go here:  Knit Picks Website

I am going to try and post pretty yarn pics once a week for a while? doesn't everyone need a little Monday Yarn pick me up?

2. September 2009 07:30
by Jobo

Fiber Candy! Silk and Shine Tussah Silk Roving

2. September 2009 07:30 by Jobo | 3 Comments

I figured it's about time for another gratuitous PRETTY Fiber post!

This is a litle something I found on Etsy and couldn't say no... 100% Tussah Silk in the colours of Delphiniums (I think the Seller called it "Sky, but in person it is more deeper blues and purples, and less sky blue, though it is in there!)

Of course, I tend to have problems with new fibers in deciding what quantity of product would be appropriate to make a project.  The listing was for 1 ounce... which sounds too small to do anything with?  I haven't really worked with any "commercial" silk yarns (they don't sell those at Wallymart or Zellers I'm afraid...)  When questionned the kind lady (enabler) at Silk and Shine volunteered that she had only listed one lot, but had a whole bunch of this for sale, sigh.  So I ordered 4 hanks like a good little fiber junkie - which now looks like a ton.  Maybe I have enough to do 2 projects with?  who knows?  :)

I plan on making something really light and flowy out of this blue and purple yumminess.  I really enjoy that Silk fibers are so long and strong and make such beautiful thin smooth shiny threads... I might even do this one on my spindle.  We have some travelling coming up, and I think this might make the perfect travel companion.   (And of course socks for the plane.  Always socks for the plane)

So there you have it... yarnspiration for all :)  Now where'd I put that spindle... ....

18. August 2009 07:30
by Jobo

Ocean Blue Silk Merino Singles... Fresh of the Spindle

18. August 2009 07:30 by Jobo | 1 Comments


My first project off the Golding Spindle (which still doesn't have an appropriate name yet, any suggestions?)

Fiber Credit:  Fleece Artist Merino/Silk Sliver

There are some thick and thin, and perhaps a little slubby spots here and there, but overall I think I have achieved a mostly uniform light lace weight single.  And what the yarn lacks in consistancy... boy does that colour make up for it!  Strands vary from almost white to dark navy, and every shade of turquoise and green in between.  The silk gives lots of strength and shine, and the merino lends softness and bounce.

Trying to capture all of the shine and colour subtleties was really difficult... I hope that whatever Finished Object it ends up becoming will be easier to photograph.  I ended up with about 330 yards of singles... so enough for a small shawl or a scarf for sure.  I have some pattern ideas, and once I get past the test phase I will show you what I'm up to :)

And of course, one more picture... just because I can!

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