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24. September 2008 14:42
by Jobo

"Bean" There... Done That

24. September 2008 14:42 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Sweet Bean Casserole



What You Need:


1 lb ground beef - crumbled and browned. drain fat. may add garlic or salt and pepper as desired


1 cup Celery - cut into chunks as desired

1 cup Mushrooms - Sliced (canned would be okay)

1 Medium Onion - chopped coarsly

1 Green pepper - cut into chunks

2 large cans Red Kidney Beans - Drained and rinsed


2 large cans Beans with Pork and Molasses

1 big squirt of Ketchup

1 Big dollup of Honey (to taste... usually between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup)

Easy, fast, tasty one pot meal. I would describe this as a sweet chili, with lots of sweet and sour sauce and beans, and veggies galore. Goes great with a pan of biscuits, or leftover corn bread (as seen here)

Start out with the Ground Beef, brown in frying pan. I usually throw in the onions and some garlic powder at this point, to soften up the onions a bit (I hate raw crunchy onions) Then drain any fat and transfer meat to a heavy bottom pot. Next, add veggies. It's up to you how coarse you chop the veggies, I usually cut things up under 1 inch so it cooks faster. Cook 5 - 10 minutes, just to get vegetables starting to soften a bit. Next add drained, rinsed, cans of red kidney beans and cans of beans with pork and molasses. Stir gently so the beans don't break up! Add the honey and ketchup... I dont usually measure this. Just a good long squirt of each. Taste it and you'll know. Let the whole thing simmer on the stove top on low heat until everything is heated through. Serve with bread for dipping... the sauce is nice to dip in. Makes great leftovers and freezes well.

This recipe is something Mark's Mom makes at home


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