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11. June 2010 11:29
by Jobo

Double Take... Diagonal Lace Socks!

11. June 2010 11:29 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Yes... I realize I just completed a pair of Diagonal Lace Socks... I just enjoyed them so much that when I couldn't come up with an idea for this yarn (Fundy Footsee by Done Roving) I decided that I should just pick something and start!  So since this pattern was fresh in my mind already... out these came!

diagonal lace socks 3 I had tried a couple of patterns out with this yarn, but it seemed like the "stripes" kept being too prominent and showing up like a blue lightning streak across whatever pattern I chose. 

My solution to this problem?  Stop worrying about it and just knit.  I decided that since the striping was just not going away, and I didn't feel like knitting plain stockinette at the time, I just needed to bite the bullet and persevere regardless of annoying blue stripes!

I always enjoy seeing the pooling/flashing socks that other people make!  It never bothers me that their socks get blotches of color here and there, or if the yarn shows up in obvious bands.  For some reason I am just more critical of my own knitting than of other peoples...  who knew I was a control freak?  sheesh... this probably wasn't the first clue either!

I actually really like the end result of these socks, though I was starting to second guess myself when I got up to the first heel and saw that there was going to be a big blue blotch on one side of the gusset and a big fuschia blotch on the other side... I decided to just go with it.  Surprisingly the second sock made the exact same blotch pattern.  I must have been knitting both socks with the exact same gauge/tension?

I'll have to remember this experiment in self restraint (let the colors be... let the colors be...) next time I have a skein of unruly pooling sock yarn.  The colors are complimentary, they look good together... they will pool and flash and stripe as they want and all will be right and good in the universe!


diagonal lace socks 4 diagonal lace socks 2 diagonal lace socks1

Diagonal Lace socks by Wendy Johnston... knit in Fundy Footsee by Done Roving... purchased last summer in Maine

13. January 2010 04:38
by Jobo

Dragonfliers...? ready to fly away

13. January 2010 04:38 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Funny how lately it takes me longer to get socks blocked and ends woven in than it does to knit them in many cases?  I finished these socks, made from my X-mas gift yarn before new years, but with the extra long week  back to work, I only managed to completely finish and photograph them now.  I find with the short daylight hours, it is difficult to take good photos with any semblance of true colors? I am waiting for a nice sunny day to really get at it and take pics like crazy one of these days.

dragonfly socks done 2

This was a nice quick-and-painless knit? just the kind a knitter needs post-holiday.  The pattern was well written (Dragonfly Socks by Jocelyn Sertich) and easy to follow along.   I think this one will find it's way into my standby-list for straightforward socks suitable for travel knitting.  map socks

The pattern was great? but the yarn was something else.  I have always loved purple.  Purple is a great color to work with? nice in every type of natural and artifical light, and the variegation in this skein gave a nice mix between flashing and pooling - it was fun to knit a few rounds and see how the colors stacked up.  I do like solid, and semisolid yarns, but these pooling types are fascinating to me.  I saw a neat discussion on ravelry the other day all about "intentional" pooling on socks, and I think I would like to try it someday.  A sock artist (Hypercycloid) measured how many inches of yarn it took her to knit one round of her basic sock pattern on a specific needle size and then divided that length and tried to dye a skein to achieve a pooling effect where each color would stack onto itself.  The resulting socks did show a lot of stacked pooling, and seriously look like a map or something.  If you have any friends who are cartographers? this yarn would make an excellent and geographically appropriate gift *wink wink*   I know not everyone is a real fan of pooling, but I think that those of us who like it REALLY like it.  Someday maybe I will be able to do more experiments like that and see what I can come up with.

dragonfly socks done In the end, I think the yarn was the real star of this project? I was quite disappointed to see that when you go to the yarn manufacturer's website (Done Roving) that there isn't an obvious way to order more.  Apparently they make a bunch of different blends and weights of yarn, and Mom says that the store is really cool.  She said she had a difficult time choosing which yarn to buy because everything was so nice.  Thankfully I still have one more skein left to play with :) (insert evil laugh here!)

This yarn has an excellent dye saturation - nice bright and even colors.  I also really like the texture? feels like good quality wool, but not scratchy or itchy. It feels like the nice tightly spun plies will last nicely, and hopefully whoever ends up with this purple pair will be able to wear them for several winters.  I also have enough left from the skein to make a child/baby pair too, which is a good thing since there are a few new babies on the way this summer that I would like to make some knitted goodies for? Hmmm now I just have to figure out what I want to make with skein #2 ;)

31. December 2009 18:09
by Jobo


31. December 2009 18:09 by Jobo | 5 Comments

Since I was a teenager, I've had a "thing" for Dragonflies.  I used to have jewelry and all sorts of fashion items with Dragonflies on them... so I guess it follows that when I saw a pattern for "Dragonfly Socks" by Jocelyn Sertich, that I should eventually make a pair.  The pattern itself doesn't really look like dragonflies, so I'm not sure why it was named that.  Either way, it's a horseshoe lace stitch pattern, and when worked up somewhat resembles the monkey socks I made a few months back.

Grey Day Christmas YarnThe yarn is special stuff that my Mom picked out when she was on vacation down in Maine over the summer... and then gave me for Christmas.  (along with another really cool skein by the same manufacturer)  It's called Fundy Footsee from Done Roving... and is knitting up really nicely.  the wool blend (with a little nylon for durability) is quite smooth and not at all itchy.  The purples and grays are a lot of fun to work with, and as always the pooling and flashing adds a lot of interest to this knit.  I love knitting socks anyways, but when you pair up a good pattern with some fancy yarn restful vacation time you have a winning combination.


dragonflier 2 socks I don't want to give away too much... after all I only have the first sock finished :)  The yarn looks different colors in different types of light.  In daylight, the grays are steely and silvery, and under the lamp after dark, the grays look almost pewter or light blue... so excuse the fact that the photos looks a little funny.  Overall the pooling is minimal, creating more of a spiral flash ever inch or so, but in a pleasing way.  The horseshoe lace pattern is easy to memorize too which makes it a reasonable travel pair of socks too. 

I have been in training for Sock Wars V, so for curiosity's sake, I have been keeping track of how long basic knitting things take me... to see if it is even possible that I might be able to knit an entire pair of socks on size 2mm needles with fingering weight yarn in only a weekend.  When the pattern is available for Sock Wars on Friday Jan 15, I want to be ready to leap from the starting post and knit my little heart out.  Basically, because of the way the postal service works in Canada, the earliest I can mail out the socks is Monday Morning,  so that means I will need to finish an entire pair of socks all the while beating my own record knit marathon time.

I decided to take segments of the sock and time them, just to get an estimate of whether or not a whole-pair-weekend was even possible.  A basic 12-row 2x2 ribbing cuff took me approximately 20 minutes, and each repeat of the 10-row horseshoe lace stitch pattern took around 15-20 minutes (my speed improved as I became more comfortable with the pattern itself)  and each repeat yielded approximately an inch of completed sock.  Just by that estimate? at around 20 minutes an inch, that means:

leg of sock (6-7 inches) = 20 x 7 = 140 minutes

Foot (8-9 inches) = 20 x 9 = 180 minutes

so without accounting for the extra time to turn the heel and whatnot that?s at least 320 minutes or 5.3 hours per sock.  Likely each sock will take me more like 10 hours when you factor in things like attention span and distractions.  So maybe it will be possible? if I can knit like it's my Job for a whole weekend.  Maybe I'll have to time the heel on sock number two and see how far off my estimate is.  Boy, this training is hard work *wink wink*  ok, maybe not so difficult... if you consider the posh yarn and the box of chocolates sitting next to my knitting perch :)

dragonflier 3 socks 


On another note, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you all for following along with my crafty adventures :)  Hope to see you all for another great year of fibery fun!

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