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12. May 2011 08:29
by Jobo

Purple Moth BFL/Silk Blend... taking flight!

12. May 2011 08:29 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Trying out a new fiber blend, and a new-to-me spindle!

purple moth spindle

I started yesterday on the shiny rich braid of BFL/Silk that was eating a hole in my stash... I guess I just felt like the day needed something like a new project.  After waiting for several months (stupid PEI Weather, and the Stupid Frostline) we were finally able to have Grampy's Burial Service yesterday.  I knew I would be sitting around most of the day with family... and I knew how much having a good spinnable-companion might help my stress level and concentration.Purple Butterfly BFL Silk Braid

In case you forget what the Braid looked like:  Here she is!  Purple Moth, a shiny blend of jewelled tones of pink, purple and gold from AllForLoveOfYarn over on etsy.

The spindle is a Zebisis Stone Whorl that I picked up on a destash a while ago... I think the stone is Spiderweb Agate, which is a little ironic since I am quite ridiculously afraid of spiders.  sigh.  It weighs around 1 ounce, just right for a fine silky fiber.  I had to adjust the hook a little, but overall, I am enjoying this spindle quite a lot!

I'm debating leaving this as a single, or perhaps plying... yet to be decided, I guess... any opinions or comments?

18. January 2011 09:33
by Jobo

Notions... the Gadgets we love!

18. January 2011 09:33 by Jobo | 0 Comments

notions and Christys yarn As a fiber artist... many of the notions I hold near and dear to my heart are the simplest ones:  I can't sew without a thimble.  Sure I can do a stitch or two, but much more than that - I prefer to have one of these little treasures protecting my finger pushing the needle through the fabric.  My husband thinks it's a bit pathetic... watching me hunt for my thimble so I can sew on a button.  (seriously, you can't even do a button?)

As a gift a few years ago, my Mom got me a Roxanne thimble... which is much different and much prettier than the old tarnished metal thing I used to wear.  Not that those basic thimbles don't accomplish the job, I just found that they made my finger sweaty, I sometimes got rust or tarnish smeared on my hands (not good if quilting with white thread or fabric) and I had a difficult time getting a thimble to fit properly.  Some were too big, some too small, some just didn't fit *me* in a comfortable way.  I have a half a dozen metal, leather, combination, basic thimbles of various shapes and sizes, but none compare to the comfort of my *special* thimble.

The thing I really like about the Roxanne thimble - they come in sizes similar to ring sizes!  You measure your own finger, and then order or test-drive one at a quilting store near you.  The shape of the thimble is a little different, in that it has the nail-side of your finger left to the open air, and the fingertip and fleshy part covered.  There are lots of dimples for propping up your needle, and there are various flat bits and edges to use as catches or for coaxing a stubborn needle through.


Some might say that having a 14-Carat gold-plated thimble is a bit extravagant... but I love my little thimble :)  I find that it is functional, clever, and beautiful all at the same time.  The company also makes bronze and sterling silver thimbles, but I fell in love with the dainty little gold flowers and dimples, so I guess it made sense to keep the gold one.l

I mostly use it for quilting and for the odd mending job these days... I can't wait for the next major quilting obsession to really give it a good work in.  Over the last few years, knitting and spinning have been the main passion, but I am always on the lookout for beautiful cottons and I keep on stashing for the next big quilt.  Someday I'll feel inspired and start a qulit and work exclusively on that for a few months.  The quilting bug seems to hit and take hold infectiously when it does, so chances are I will be blogging about it when it does!  I've been working on a little baby quilt for my new niece or nephew... due any time now.  Something about babies makes me think of homemade goodies :)

23. March 2010 06:06
by Jobo

Golden Cabled Wonders! Iron Knitter Round 4 Complete

23. March 2010 06:06 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I'm still here!  We both had our turn with the late winter cold last week, so while there was lots of knitting accomplished, there was more wimping and wussing then blogging!  I was really tired out in the evenings, and I'm afraid I've gotten behind on showing you what I've been up to

I finished my Golden Wonder Cabled socks (also known as "Maeve" by Janneke Maat available as a free pattern on Ravelry) of course strictlyl on time to continue my participation in the next round of Iron Knitter.  Currently I am working on my round 5 socks, and hoping that I can remain in the competition until the final round!  But... back to the gold socks!

finished golden wonder

I really enjoyed working on this pattern, and am really pleased with the end result.  I know some of the other Iron Knitter Competitors found that they were a little short in the leg as written, but being a short person with even shorter legs, I find them to be a nice change.  I don't really need socks that go up to my eyeballs anyways.  At 4'10'' it really isn't that far up!golden wonder with boxed in

I think I will hide this pattern away in my box of toys for another time... I think they would look great in steel grey or maybe in a nice wood colored brown?  Heck they'd look good in Blue too.  See?  I need to make another pair!

I am finding that my SockWars socks-of-death are really coming in handy with the fact that my office is an icebox.  I wear them quite often and enjoy them immensely.  Here they are visiting with the new Gold Socks...  I like to think they are friends!  The alpaca blend in these "Don't box me in" socks is wearing nicely and is super light and soft! I love the blues and purples.  I don't think anyone else has EVER knit me a pair of socks - it's always the other way around!  I feel all spoiled when I wear them :)

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