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20. September 2008 17:46
by Jobo

Quilted Sister

20. September 2008 17:46 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Just a little tidbit of my family's quilted past... I just took this quilt out to wash it, and my camera was nearby.  It usually hangs out in the computer room on my chair, so when Im cold I can cover up with it.  I probably shouldn't use it at all, for fear of ruining it by mistake or wearing it out, but I like that it's out and around all the time. In fact, this quilt is older than I am - nearly 28 years old. An antique I suppose.

This is the first quilt my mom ever made, so it's a piece of my family's history.  Before I was born, when mom was pretty far along, she went to visit her parents who were living in Kentville NS at the time, and while she was there, Gramma helped her to make this.  The pattern is 'Little Dutch Girls' though I'm not sure exactly where the pattern came from.  I do know that my mom has Gramma's cardboard templates for the shapes at home.  My grandmother used to use whatever cardboard she had to make handquilting templates out of.  There are some pretty priceless ones... made out of old cereal boxes, and from the cardboard that comes in packages of pantyhose.  My mom has a bunch of Gramma's special templates, since she isn't able to quilt anymore.  Each piece was cut out and hand-appliquéed and then embroidered with chain and buttonhole stitches.  On the sashing, she handquilted a rope motif, which I've seen many times in Gramma's work also. Each block features unique fabrics, and the ladies' umbrellas face opposite directions for interest.  Even the binding is sewn by hand.  I know that always bugs me to see a beautiful, hand stitched piece, and then see the binding just tagged on by machine.  Even back then, my Mom does one of the nicest bindings I've seen.  Neat.  Trim.  Tidy.

P.S. Excuse the wrinkles, I plan on doing a better photoshoot when it comes out of the wash

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