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25. November 2011 09:20
by Jobo

Fallberry Fingerless Mitts

25. November 2011 09:20 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I really wanted to get as much holiday knitting done as possible well ahead of time this year… not knowing if the baby would arrive on time, or early, or what the situation would be like.  This is one of those projects that I’ve had completed for a while, but just hadn’t gotten around to photographing it with the lousy fall short daylight hours.  It snowed here the last couple of days… so it’s a bit overcast for photo taking, but the fresh fallen snow makes for a nice background :)

These are a pair of Fallberry Fingerless Mittens, as seen in the online knitting magazine.  All of the Knitty patterns are available free of charge… and if you aren’t familiar with this publication… you really should check it out!  Each issue is full of great patterns and a variety of different knit items – from socks to sweaters and shawls. 

I wanted to make something for Mark’s Aunt that would be straightforward, not a ridiculous amount of work, and also that would be useful.  I remember her mentioning before that she had chilly hands from time to time, so I thought fingerless mittens might make a practical accessory.  Normally I wouldn’t be interested in something like a fingerless mitten for myself, thinking that I wouldn’t wear them enough to make the effort justified, but I really like the way that these fit, and am considering making some for me after the holidays are over.


One thing that was really nice about this pattern… you get the illusion of working a fine lacy pattern… but of course, the mitts are made from sport weight yarn, and on decent sized needles so they work up fast.  I decided to go with some KnitPicks Stroll Sport, both for the old standby of practical wool with the added durability of nylon, and for the reasonable price point (less than 4 dollars a ball!).  I knew I’d need more than one ball, but I was able to make the entire pair with about a ball and a quarter.  Really, only the thumbs were worked with the second ball.  So I do actually have enough yarn to make a second pair if I decide to go for it.  (I know I’ve been using a lot of KnitPicks Yarn lately… I don’t work for them, I swear!  I just really like their products!)


I was also pleased with the simplicity of the pattern and the easy to memorize flickering flame style motif.  After a couple of repeats of the chart, I was good to go, and really didn’t have to refer back tot he pattern very often.  Also, because really there were 4 rows of “active” stitch movement, then 4 rows of basically ribbing, the mitts worked up very quickly.  I think it took me around 3 evenings worth of knitting to finish things off.  I made the “large” size, and was a little afraid that they might be too small in the end, but after a little soak and blocking on some mitten blockers, the finished mitts relaxed enough and fit me fine (even in my pregnant, swollen hands and feet state)

I hope the recipient gets lots of use out of them, and enjoys the toasty warm wrists and hands :)

19. November 2010 11:09
by Jobo

Friday... So much Fiber... So little Time...

19. November 2010 11:09 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Where does the time go...  Seriously!  It seemed like there was a ton of time left before the holidays.  I have 2 pairs of mittens left to finish for other clients before Christmas, a straightforward hat, and a pair of pretty complex mittens for my own holiday knitting.  I have been plugging away at all of them, a little at a time, but I'm starting to get nervous that I won't be able to complete my own goodies after the "required" ones.  I know everything will be alright in the end, but you still start to worry a little bit.  *eeeek*

I've been knitting, spinning, carding fiber, finishing things, but haven't taken very many photographs unfortunately.  I did remember to photograph a fantastic meal we made this week:  I made my own homemade flour tortillas (from the encouragement and recipe I got over at 'All things Shea' - tortilla recipe!) and they were Fantastic!  Soft, yummy, and perfect for Fajitas and Quesadillas and the like.  See below:  Homemade flour tortilla, fajita topping made with leftover smoked chicken breast (smoked at home by the husbeast with his new BBQ toy) sautéed onions, green peppers, a little spice, some sour cream, cheddar cheese, and avocado slices!  (sorry if this makes you hungry, my stomach has started gurgling just reading this... I must make these again soon!)

homemade fajitasyummmmmmm!

Ruttiger Nov 8, 2010Also, the Bun Bun is doing great!  Nose wiggles, Ear scratches, and general fuzzybutt badness all around :)  We are working diligently on our grooming schedule and on being patient with each other.  That little guy just cracks me up!

He is almost ready for another full coat molt... so the grooming is pretty important right now.  With this breed of rabbits, they can ingest enough of their own fur during the "Coat Blowing" process that it can make them really sick, even die.  The condition is called wool block, or gut stasis, and basically it's a situation where the wool fills up the gut and it stops processing and digesting.  Either way, we don't want to have to deal with such terrifying sicknesses, so regular grooming, feeing healthy fiber (hay, hay and more hay) and watching to make sure his little bowels are moving regularly.  (I never thought I'd be as interested in the BMs of a 5 pound critter.  People tell me that once I have kids it's the same thing all over again!)

Hope you all have a great weekend... with lots of knitting time and R & R :)

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