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8. February 2009 11:32
by Jobo

Custom Mittens - Made to Order!

8. February 2009 11:32 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Want a pair of homemade Mittens?  Something warm, fuzzy, unique, created with yarn and a design that you chose for yourself?  Made specifically to fit you?

 Don't know how to knit?

No Problem!  



The time when every young woman knew how to knit is probably over.  I am really glad that as times change, more and more people are becoming interested in knitting for it's creativity bolstering and stress relieving properties, but many of my friends and family are just unable to knit for themselves.  I on the other hand, adore the craft, to the point of mild obession.  (hey, yarn and fiber are my vices, I could have chosen worse ones!)  So Lately I have been taking on more commissionned projects - knitting specific items for specific people.


This past week, I have knit a custom pair of mittens for a special customer who, not for lack of trying, has been unable to find a pair of mittens acceptable to match her coat.  So I suggested that she go to the Local Yarn Store, choose a yarn that she likes, and let me craft her a pair instead of wandering the mall again.  So she submitted me some measurements of her hands, and I swatched, and pondered, and got to work. 


She had originally liked a pair of mittens that I was wearing, Handmade Thrum Mittens, with billows of soft and airy Baby Alpaca Fiber inside.  For her mittens, we chose a soft and durable sage green yarn, and some combed Polwarth wool top for the thrums. 


Being an experienced knitter, I have probably made about 30 pairs of mittens over the last 6 or 7 years, so making an average pair of adult mittens at this point takes less than 10 hours.  Probably more like 5 hours if I make my standard pair.  These were very straight forward, so I estimate about 6 hours from cast-on to ends woven in - not a very long time committment.


The result:  perfectly fitting, perfectly matching, Custom Mittens!  Ready for a typical Cold Snowy Canadian Winter!



Interested in a pair?  Depending on materials, and design requirements, a custom pair of mittens could be designed and crafted over a period as little as 1 - 2 weeks.  For Prices (unique with contract) or more details, please contact me. 


Toying with the idea of making your own Thrum Mittens?  See my new Make-your-own-Thrums Tutorial


Happy Knitting All !  (It's going to be a long winter, make more mittens)

4. October 2008 11:28
by Jobo

Do it yourself Wrist Warmers

4. October 2008 11:28 by Jobo | 7 Comments


Another easy project... using leftover yarn from the "Brownies for Breakfast" sweater I finished earlier this week, I decided to use up some of the remaining yarn, and make some Wrist Warmers.  I don't know if these qualify as Fingerless gloves or mittes, just because they have no thumbs.  Basically just a tube, with Thumb Openings.  The pattern is loosely based on some of the fingerless mitts patterns I found on ravelry, loosely in that I used them to decide how many stitches to cast on, and how long to make them.  The cable itself is one that I learned to to a very long time ago, and can be found on the Aran Afghan that lives on our couch in the living room (which I was curled up under when I decided I should try knitting a pair of these!)   The back of the mitts is done in K2 P2 Ribbing for maximum stretch and comfort.

The model, by the way, is wearing her very favorite, brand new, italian lambskin coat... Rawr!  (Gosh I love my new coat!)


Keep Toasty!

Pattern to follow, when I get a chance to turn my chicken scratch notes into somethings other people can decipher.

If you like the mitts, and would like a pair... they are for sale! please go to my etsy store: !


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