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5. July 2010 10:00
by Jobo

Bitterroot... actually kind of Sweet!

5. July 2010 10:00 by Jobo | 4 Comments

Well we survived the move... or at least mostly survived it!  All of our belongings are here at the new house now, and the majority of the important boxes have been unpacked.  I can officially cook supper now, and find silly bathroom things like nail files and q-tips, and we can crawl safely and soundly into bed.  I have been working towards unpacking my crafty stuff, but somehow those things always take the back burner to the necessities - even though for me, the crafty things really ARE necessities.  I?ve already needed my sewing machine for some impromptu curtain altering, and I?ve found most of my yarn boxes, though most of them are only cracked open with yarn spewing from them, not really any reasonable or orderly unpacking.  I love my new ?studio? room... which like the last one, is actually just a bedroom, but this time a nice bright one with a huge window that lets in the maximum natural daylight.  I sat and spun for about an hour today on my Traddy, and didn't even bother turning on the light!  perfect.  I plan on posting some photos of the new studio room when I finally get it organized.

So, even though I didn?t have unbridled access to all things fibery, I made absolutely certain that I would have access to appropriate amounts of yarn and knitting during the move.  For me, the knitting, is kind of like my own personal meditation.  Without stealing a few moments to work a few stitches here and there... I will admit... I am not a very nice person.  My brain needs the mindless and methodical forming of stitches to keep itself from freaking out and going seriously over the edge.  The week before the move I had finished a pair of socks, so I went looking for a few other straightforward projects that I could jump into if need be.  I started a Bitterroot Shawl, and kept 2 skeins of sock yarn on hand for anxiety emergencies.

And... here is the completed and blocked Bitterroot:


You may notice that she is sitting on a familiar patio table... but on a new patio!  You may also notice that our new ?yard? is still as of yet un-grassed.... and will require smoothing out and planting ASAP if we are ever to have a proper lawn. 


When I spun this yarn about a year ago... I?m not quite sure what I had in mind for it. I do know, however, that it was an excellent fit for this shawl pattern.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching each shade of green fade to blue and back again.  The pattern itself was quite straightforward, and while I did need to keep a copy of the charts nearby, I didn?t really need to write anything down, as it was fairly simple to read the lace in the knitting itself.  I mostly just kept track of the YO holes, and switched charts as necessary based on that.

bitterrootimprovised point 

My only strategy in knitting this shawl was a) to avoid moving stress and b) to knit until the smaller skein of handspun ran out.  Because of the knit-until-it?s-done scheme... I had to improvise the last few rows and the fitting of the leafy portion to the lacy portion.  Normally I like to follow a pattern to the letter, but here I totally fudged it.  I went from Chart C to realizing that I didn?t have enough yarn to do 20-some rows of Chart D, so I basically glossed over the sets of leaves in D and made the lace edge fit onto what I already had.  Don?t ask me how it went together... honestly I am as surprised as anyone that it worked out.  I was too tired to care the night I made that decision.


I really enjoyed the first section of this shawl... the way that the columns lined up along the way with the rows of eyelets was very pleasing, and made it easy to know where you were and that things were working out correctly.  These first rows just flew along and the colors changed before my eyes.  I think I might be addicted to this kind of yarn...


Yes... another satisfying project completed!  I will definitely do this pattern again sometime, maybe with beads next time? 

31. May 2010 10:45
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday - Moving is Killing my Yarn Buzz

31. May 2010 10:45 by Jobo | 2 Comments

cardboard box

Finally, we are moving the end of June.  Moving = Packing.

This weekend I packed up the majority of my stash... gently touching, petting, and then packing each skein.  You would all laugh at me if you knew how many boxes leaving my studio were filled with yarn and fiber alone.  I laughed at myself really :P

Oh Glorious Yarn Stash!  How I love thee.  I dream of projects to be made out of each ball and skein, like promises of enjoyable knitting to come... someday!  There are yarns of every weight and color, and I love them all!  And then there are the bags of fluffy, light, wonderful wools.... Don't get me started on spinning fiber.  I might have to unpack it, roll around in it, and have a little yarny nap in it!  That might put the packing schedule a little bit behind...

There may not be many Yarn Candy Monday Photos for a little while until I am able to unpack my toys.  Rest assured however, that I have an extra large basket of my very favorite yarns at the ready...  Just because I'm moving doesn't mean I won't knit this month!  The knitting may be the only thing that saves my sanity....

27. August 2008 19:20
by Jobo

Home Sick...

27. August 2008 19:20 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Over the last few months it has become painfully obvious that we should move to the city.  I drive 55 minutes a day to and from work, which isn't that awful most of the time, but is brutal in the winter.  Not knowing if the weather will change and you might get stuck driving in dangerous situations, and missing days because of snowstorms.  Atlantic Canada really is known for volatile weather.  You just never know what you might see.  And then there's the time investment of the drive in it's purest sense - I drive at least 6 hours a week.  Think of all the sleeping in and knitting that I could accomplish with 6 extra hours in my week.  So Bottom line, it makes sense to go.  Now we just have to do it.  It has been a real roller coaster for me looking at houses.  I fall in love so easy, then things turn out to be different than originally expected, or deals fall through.  Mark says I am such a "girl".  I say, yeah?  and?

So we've finally found a house we are interested in...  talk about stressful.  Now there's a barrage of feelings and worries and guilt to contend with.  Trying to get our home ready to sell sounds like such an overwhelming obstacle, but if it doesn't sell right away, then we lose out on the beautiful thing we have just found.  Thats the juggling act I guess... Selling what you have already vs. finding an eligible home to pounce onto.  At this point I am afraid to get too excited, but part of me is just bursting with anticipation.... then theres the other part that is nauseus, has heartburn, and honestly wishes she could go curl up in the corner and take a nap!  I guess I just have to resign myself to be patient, hope for swift simplicity of sale, and go along for the ride....


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