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2. February 2011 10:13
by Jobo

WIP Wednesday: Still on the Stole!

2. February 2011 10:13 by Jobo | 0 Comments

strawberries feb 2 2011I've been working back and forth on various projects... but consistantly making the effort to do a few rows on the Strawberries Stole every few days.  I'm finding that if I work on it regularly, I keep my brain and fingers nimble to the style and pattern.  I think if I waited for months and months, I'd have to go back and really read my reference book again for the border (which I am doing completely from memory now)

I am trying to decide how long to make the stole in the end... with some difficulty.  I've never actually worn a *real* stole.  I've worn other scarves in a style like a stole (draped around my shoulders) but I've never really seen what a proper one feels like.  At this point, unstretched, with less than 2 of the diamonds completed the stole is as high as the back of my couch!  I am thinking I might do 3 complete repeats and then pseudo-block and see how much length I am getting (i.e. pin it to the bed, unwashed, and just see how much it will stretch).  The width of the stole nearly doubles when stretched a similar amount to what I think I will have to do when blocking... so will the length double also?  I'm thinking it will likely be at least another 50%?

You can see the ball of thread in the bottom right of the photo... I just joined ball number 2 (about 10 rows ago) and it looks like I have a lot more than I originally thought I would.  The yarn is so thin, that the size of the ball is misleading.  I didn't bother to skein up the second half this time.  I just spun, plied, and then balled up the yarn so I could knit with it right away.  I didn't wash the first bit, so I figured there was no point in washing the second bit either!  with Lace, the wash and block is so important, I know that process will finish the yarn anyways.

If I keep up this progress rate... I might have ole "Strawberry" completed by the end of February!

15. December 2010 13:32
by Jobo

Silver Strawberries... the Actual Strawberry Part!

15. December 2010 13:32 by Jobo | 1 Comments

I'm chugging along on my Silver Strawberries Stole... sometimes working on it, when I should be working on other things (bad bad knitter!)  Isn't it funny how when you *know* you need to do something, you sometimes just can't get started?  But when you shouldn't... it's so sooo tempting!

Here is a quick little photo of the progress though... I've reached the first section of "Strawberries" which basically consist of little rings of YO loops.  I can see how one might think they look like a strawberry, though it is a little bit of a stretch.  There are also "Fish Eyes" in the next section of the pattern, and "Mouse Tracks" so it gets more interesting from here ;)

strawberry with quarter for size

To give you an idea how big the motifs are... here is one half of the stole in pinned out fashion.  The stole has 10 "points" across the bottom, and you can see 5 in this photo.  Each strawberry centre is approximately the size of a quarter.  The thread is a little bit uneven in places, but the silk shines, and the angora lends fuzziness.  The stole itself feels light already, and it feels like I've hardly used any of the ball at all.

blocking strawberries and edge

I hope that I can get the rest of my Holiday knitting done soon... because all I really want to do is work on this! 

22. November 2010 09:15
by Jobo

Finished Art Yarn Woven Scarf

22. November 2010 09:15 by Jobo | 0 Comments

woven scarfAfter a good warm bath, and a day or so to dry... here is my first finished woven scarf!

The finished product smoothed out fairly nicely, and where there had been some minute gaps in the weave, the soak seemed to even things out.  I find the finished scarf to be a little bit itchy, but that might be the mohair content in it, which I generally find to be quite irritating close to the skin.

I am surprised at how much I enjoyed weaving with the "art" yarn... Because I really do not enjoy knitting with it.  I am one of those knitters who likes to see the stitch definition.  I like seeing orderly matching stitches, and the geometric patterns they form.  Knitting with lumpy bumpy uneven textured yarns is interesting, and generally gives unique results, but in the end, I find I am not drawn to that style.  In the weaving however, this unevenness lends character to the fabric, and makes a beginner weaver's mistakes less obvious.  When my weaving wasn't exactly even, a thin or thick strand broke up the basic basketweave pattern enough that it covered my flaws.  Even the slubs and bits of sari silk blended in without standing out from the finished product in a disruptive way (unlike knitting where they seem to dangle from the fabric on one side or the other, sticking out like a sore thumb)

The finished scarf did shrink some in the wash, which I was expecting to happen after reading about the "set" process.  I didn't take a finished measurement, but it fits nicely around the neck without hanging out the bottom of my coat.  I made a basic fringe with overhand knots - combining 4 strands of warp together. The tassels look really blue though, and I wish I had thought of combining in some of the art yarn to carry the glitz and sparkle all the way to the tips.

My brain has been churning away... thinking of what weaving project I should try next... but AFTER the holidays of course.  I likely don't have much free play time until then ;)

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