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15. January 2010 08:00
by Jobo


15. January 2010 08:00 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Here is a sneak peek of a shawl I've been working on the last week or so... getting ready to finish it up soon!

Yes folks, it is another "198 yds of Heaven" Shawl but this time not made from handspun.  I decided to try a commercial yarn to make this one, but still wanted the yarn to have a unique feel.  I originally went out looking for Malabrigo Worsted, and the only color that I could find was a butter yellow - which would have been ok if the shawl was for myself, but the person I am making it for isn't a yellow person.  So instead I ended up with Patons Soy Wool Stripes (SWS) in color "Natural Denim".  The ball band says it is Medium Weight (4) but I think it's likely a little bit bigger around than a standard worsted weight yarn.  That's ok for a project like a shawl though, where gauge isn't really crucial in the end.  The only thing that really matters size-wise here is that it has a decent wingspan, and the intended recipient wants to be able to wrap herself up for warmth as well as fashionability.  The yarn itself is pretty soft and silky... and the fact that it is a "singles" style yarn is resulting in excellent stitch definition.  I particularly like the way that the bars of garter stitch are showing up between the arrowhead lace panels, as you can see below.  I also really love the way the YO's are resulting in nice big open eyelets :)

Seeing as how Sock Wars V begins tomorrow evening, this may be the last shawl type cast on you will see for a week or so... depending on how long it takes me to polish of my target ;)

Sws 198 Yds pins Sws 198 Yds  

Sws 198 Yds sexy YOs Sws 198 Yds closeup

1. Testing out my progress... shawl pinned to faux suede couch cushion.  2. Sample of the lace pattern close up... showing denim color fading to pewter grey.  3. "eyelets" formed by the rows of YO's... I especially like the twisty laddders.  4.  Another view of the lace panel and the graduated colors as they stripe in the finished product.

10. January 2010 18:18
by Jobo

Loose Ends

10. January 2010 18:18 by Jobo | 2 Comments

After Christmas, and all the commotion of getting ready, and then getting through it all I forgot to show you some of the gifts I made this year!

"Dulce" socks

After knitting, for what felt like an eternity on a pair of size 11 socks knit with light fingering weight wool and size 1 dpns? I finished Andrew"s socks!  I didn't have the proper sized blockers though, so in the end I just soaked and "hand pressed" them out into an approximate proper shape.  I was a little disappointed with the final appearance of them, but I knew that once the recipient put them on, they they would be naturally "foot blocked" anyways.  On X-mas day, he opened them, checked them out, put them on, and then continued on with the rest of the gift opening.  He still had them on when we left later on in the evening? so I think he might like them ;)  He said they were really warm, which hopefully will come in really handy living on a farm in cold little P.E.I.  I think I can call that a success.  I meant to take pics of them on his feet, hoping that they would look really good on the proper sized clod-hoppers, but then I got all engrossed with chocolates and the gifts everyone else was opening, and I completely forgot.  Oops.

Granny's Ishbel

This particular Granny did not want to exchange holiday gifts this year, which was totally ok with me, only I had already made her an Ishbel!  So instead of waiting for Christmas, I just gave it to her as a "Winter" celebration gift.  I kind of forgot to take too many pictures of this one too? since I was so excited for it to be completed and passed on to it's new owner.


All of the other shawls I have made to this point have increases and YO's on one side only, whereas this one has YO's at the edges for oth the front and back side rows.  This made a narrower triangle, but still a pleasing wing-like shape.  For yarn, I used a spare skein of the Turkish "Ice" yarn I had eBayed, and I was okay with the results, though it did not block as distinctly as some of the other sock yarns I have knit lacy things out of.  I liked how the ends of the "wings" curled up into a cute little finial.  This Granny likes dragons and wizards and sci-fi stuff, so I thought this might look enough like fairy wings that it would be acceptable.  She tried it on right away, and seemed to like it, so I'm hoping it will get some use.

ishbel 2

It took me a few tries to make sense of the lace pattern, but Ysolda's charts were nice and concise.  As long as I wrote down where I was, and kept track on paper, things seemed to go okay.  You know how it is with lace? until the lightbulb pops on, sometimes you just have to keep plugging away at it until that point of enlightenment.

ishbel spine 

I'm not sure why exactly, but for some reason I really liked the "Spine" of this shawl? something about the way the YO K YO stood out from the plain stockinette stitch body of the piece.  To me it looks like a ladder of sorts with twisty curly rungs? all in all another happy ending shawl.  I think I will have to do this one again, but this time with gossamer, light, teensy yarn so it feels less heavy and the lace will open up wide and take centre stage in a more substantial way.

4. January 2010 11:00
by Jobo

Finished "198 yds of Heaven" Handspun Shawl

4. January 2010 11:00 by Jobo | 22 Comments

It sure didn't take long once I had started to finish up this quick knit shawl... I like to refer to it as my "Survival Knitting"

Knitting gifts is fun in it's own way.  I really enjoy choosing special patterns, and then hunting for the perfect yarns and trying to create gifts that the recipients will adore and find very useful... but the knitting itself can be a lot of work.  I am a pretty fickle knitter, and generally flit from one project to the next, finishing and starting things with gusto, but not in any particular order.  So for me, finishing projects on a schedule can be a bit of a chore.  This year in particular, I let my holiday gift knitting get a little behind calendar-wise, so I had to really push myself coming on the end.

This shawl, on the otherhand, was a purely selfish and fun knit.  I wasn't sure what I would do with it when it was completed... I wasn't even sure if I had enough yarn to finish the shawl in the first place!  Working on it was frivolous and fun, which is exactly what a knitter needs after a few months of forced creativity :)  I had a hard time this year getting into the holiday spirit and was really dreading the shopping, wrapping and decorating.  The stolen moments working on this shawl were really a godsend, and helped me keep my cool when I was feeling overwhelmed by the tasks at hand.  And then, when all of the chores were finished and the fun part of the holiday finally began, working on the shawl helped me to pass the time waiting to go out visiting and passing out gifts, and then it came with me for numerous turkey dinners and snuggled with me on the couch well into the evening on Christmas Day.  I'm rather in love with it, I must say!

unblocked Unblocked

Here she is, laying on the beautiful muslin quilt my Mom made us as a wedding gift!  I was afraid that the shawl wouldn't be big enough in the end, especially since the finished wingspan was only about 36 inches... but we all know that blocking is magic sometimes, so I was holding out for some major stretching.  I figured that if it didn't grow enough, worst case scenario I could give it away to someone who had a small child (wouldn't any little girl like blue and green butterfly wings to play with and wrap around her?  heck... I'm a BIG girl and I still want it to be big enough so I can play with it!)

pointcome right to the point

I think I am getting more efficient at blocking with the wires now... it didn't take near as long as it usually does for me to soak, lay out the finished piece, thread in the wires, and pin them out on the spare bed.  I think my favorite part is always the bottom point of any scalloped shawl... pretty little point :)

198 yards blocking

As you can see in the picture (as the shawl is pinned out on a queen sized bed...)  the growing process was satisfactory and the finished wingspan is more like 48 inches... which wraps nicely around my shoulders.  The silk blend is very smooth, perfect for an item that might be worn draped around shoulders or around my neck.  I am very pleased with the blended greens and blues and the way they flow into each other.  The shawl was finally dry on Christmas Morning, and I wove in the ends just in time to wear it out on Christmas day for the festivities.  Lately it seems I get a chill quite easily, so I wore it all day either over the shoulders or tousled around my neck.  I'm not sure how fashionable this stuff is considered now, but it is certainly comfortable and utilitarian.

December 09 035 on the wing

So here are some final finished shots:  Sorry it took so long to post the finishing ;)



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