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8. December 2009 08:00
by Jobo

Jobo's Favorite Things: Christmas - Day 8

8. December 2009 08:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Happy Tuesday All!  I hope you are ready for another installment? I've been just *dyeing* to show you this? hardy har!

Ashford Dyes

ashford dyes

Over the last year I have been experimenting with dyes and dyeing wool? So far I've tried natural dyes like Onion Skins, Blueberries, and some other Plant extracts.  Then I tried using Wilton's Icing Colors, which worked ok, but it really wasn't possible to mix colors or try working a color wheel because the dyes would separate and not take evenly.  Apparently cake frosting and wool are not at all similar? (go figure?)   My next attempt came with Landscape Dyes, which are easy to use because they require no acid to be added to the solution, but I have been less than impressed with the range of colors I have been able to achieve with them.  It seems that they are a "one-shade" dye.  I thought about trying to dye wools in a color wheel style exercise, but I am not convinced it will be worth my time, since the colors don't really seem all that saturated.

I want my next step to be with these:  Ashford Dyesdyeing_bk

After doing some research about the different types of dyes out there, I think I have officially settled on this brand for several reasons?  First off, I like that there is a limited number of colors, and that they are readily mixable and titrateable.  Some other dye brands have wider ranges of colors available by the pot, but I really want to go back to basics here and start with a good Red, Yellow and Blue just like I had when I first learned to paint.  Secondly, Ashford dyes are pure and concentrated - hopefully I will be able to achieve nice saturated dark colors!  I prefer dark/rich color to pastels any day, and dream of Navy and Deep Plum and Burgundy.  Last of all, and perhaps one of the most important points, I know that other dyers use this product and achieve professional looking, light-fast, fade-resistant, Vibrant colors.

Another nice companion to the dyes is this book:

The Ashford Book of Dyeing, now available in a revised new edition, which gives explicit instructions and recipes to use the dyes properly, and outlines dyeing techniques and methods suitable for various dyeing mediums.  Since I am particularly interesting in mixing my own colors, I am very interested in the exercises and demonstrations in the book :)

Expect to see more dyeing experiments in the new year? if Santa doesn't come through, I might have to invest in some of these Myself!

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