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12. May 2011 08:29
by Jobo

Purple Moth BFL/Silk Blend... taking flight!

12. May 2011 08:29 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Trying out a new fiber blend, and a new-to-me spindle!

purple moth spindle

I started yesterday on the shiny rich braid of BFL/Silk that was eating a hole in my stash... I guess I just felt like the day needed something like a new project.  After waiting for several months (stupid PEI Weather, and the Stupid Frostline) we were finally able to have Grampy's Burial Service yesterday.  I knew I would be sitting around most of the day with family... and I knew how much having a good spinnable-companion might help my stress level and concentration.Purple Butterfly BFL Silk Braid

In case you forget what the Braid looked like:  Here she is!  Purple Moth, a shiny blend of jewelled tones of pink, purple and gold from AllForLoveOfYarn over on etsy.

The spindle is a Zebisis Stone Whorl that I picked up on a destash a while ago... I think the stone is Spiderweb Agate, which is a little ironic since I am quite ridiculously afraid of spiders.  sigh.  It weighs around 1 ounce, just right for a fine silky fiber.  I had to adjust the hook a little, but overall, I am enjoying this spindle quite a lot!

I'm debating leaving this as a single, or perhaps plying... yet to be decided, I guess... any opinions or comments?

7. December 2009 09:12
by Jobo

Jobo's Favorite Things: Christmas - Day 7

7. December 2009 09:12 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Glass, Stone and Clay Whorl Spindles

Although spindling was my first foray into the spinning world, I am gradually coming back to the fact that I love the simplicity and portability of the drop spindle.  I have a few already, but all of my current ones have wooden whorls…  which are great, but I really love the polished and classy look of spindles with other materials used for the weight.

Butterfly Girl Designs

Early into my etsy lurking days, I found Butterfly Girl… mostly at the time looking for fiber and batts (which are sparkle-liscious and rich looking)  but I have since come to find deep interest in her unique and fancy spindles too!  Looking at her products was really my first clue that spindles *could* be made from anything but wood… and boy is that point evident when you start browsing through the possibilities.  Glass, Stone, Shells, Polymer Clays, and more mounted on sleek Black shafts with sterling silver or gold filled hooks.  Really, some of the spindles look like they could be considered jewellry or decoration.  A quick search on ravelry will tell you though, in practice, these babies are beautiful AND practical… It seems that those who like ‘em like ‘em a lot!

Here are two of my favorites:


The swirling green and blue whorl of this cute little spindle is made from Millefiori polymer clay… a medium often used for beads and the like.  Something about the unique and girly design of this spindle just caught my eye!  We all need something girly from time to time don’t we?  I really love the way the painted black and white design ties in with the painted black shaft.  The whole piece looks unified… really like a piece of art :)


This spindle features a Murano Foil glass whorl and a carved hardwood shaft… if the Glass shines this much in a photo, imagine how it might gleam in person?  Blues and Greens tend to be my favorite colors, and paired with the earthy tones of the wood, and sparkle from the gold foil… this particular spindle is another serious temptation piece.  I was also surprised at the reasonable prices on Butterfly Girl’s spindles – this one is only $20 plus shipping!  Beauty and Value!

I am not often the type of girl who goes for lace, frilly or pink things.  Butterfly Girl’s spindles are feminine and beautiful, but in a mature and classy way - The glint of shiny glass, the swirls of carefully blended clay, and the smooth texture of shells and wood.

Zebisis Designs

When looking for unique spindles, this next company – Zebisis Designs – really stood out to me in their use of natural and earthy stones to make very simple and striking spindles.  (they actually have a sale on this week… might be worth a stop over there!)  I was surprised to find stones such as amethyst, jasper, labradorite, opalite, quartz, aventurine, and turquoise paired with both basic and rare wood shafts…  Bottom and Top Whorl too.  One of the store’s slogans is “beauty meets function”  which is totally true in my humble opinion.


This spindle caught my eye almost immediately! I love the way that this rhyolite round is dotted with rusty orange spots… almost resembling flowers.  The bright Rosewood shaft really compliments the stone, and adds to the cohesiveness of the pairing.    There is just something about this spindle that makes me want to hold it and turn it over and over in my hands.  Very earthy and natural.


I have always held a special place in my heart for Labradorite – so imagine my delight in finding a spindle featuring this unique and dazzling stone.  I have a pendant made of the stuff that I bought when were were on “the Rock” itself on vacation.  In Newfoundland, it is pretty common to see items made from labradorite since it is mined there.  I have always been facinated with the way that the stone shimmers and seems to change colors in different lights.  Greens, Silvers, Blues, Greys, and sometimes browns can be found depending on the quality and clarity of the labradorite used.  This spindle just seems to glow with mystery, especially set against the lovely swirled black shaft.

There is just something natural and honest about using these lovely Gemstones as spindle whorls.  In many ways, the simplicity and back to basics feel of these beautiful tools is perfectly befitting the art of spinning.

All photos used with permission

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