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7. October 2010 15:21
by Jobo

Lovely Blog Award... Awwww shucks!

7. October 2010 15:21 by Jobo | 2 Comments


I received a pleasant surprise today - I was nominated for a "Lovely Blog Award" by Heather over at implausibleyarn!

Thank you very much for thinking of me :)  I read your posts regularly, but never would have dreamed that you read mine.  I'm flattered!

Here are the Rules:

Grab the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.
Contact those blog owners and let them know they've been chosen.

It's true that choosing only 15 blogs was the challenging part... since there are so many talented and interesting people out there posting about their creative lives.  Here is my short list of 15 Blogs to go and check out:

A Tail of 2 Goldens - Kim always cracks me up with her sense of humor and her adorable little Ernie stories!

Doilies are Stylish - Rebecca makes the most amazing lace pieces!  I love to see what she has on the needles... and drool a little :)

Colorless Blue - makes incredible spindle-spun yarns and knits them into fabulous garments.  I've been watching her spinning from afar for a while now.

Violently Domestic - Hunter is no newcomer to knitting or to blogging... but I've only just recently found her!  This woman's socks will... er... Knock YOUR socks OFF!

Fuzzy Noodle Knits - I have been following the beautiful spinning and knitting creations over the the Fuzzy Noodle for a while, but her work is just too fantastic to leave out here.  This one is a favorite of mine :)

Knit/Wit - Another talented lady.... I've also been following you for a while, but I so love your stuff... you also are one of my Yarn Rock Stars :)  I hope to be able to spin like you someday.

WhimsyKnits - Exquisite Handspun... and beautiful weaving!

BabyLongLegs - I love Sarah's handspun hats... and her colorsense :)

Pat's Knitting and Quilting - what can I say... this woman is the Queen of Incredible Handspun Items!  If I could sit down with anyone for a lesson... it would be Pat :)

EskimimiKnits - Beautiful Vibrant Color!  Fashionable knits, tempting yarns, and the best blog photography I've seen!

All for Love of Yarn - Angela dyes amazing rich colors into her yarns!  I've enjoyed our chats and getting to know you also :P

Micamynx - Her handpainted fibers are works of art in themselves... then she spins them up into some of the most even and beautiful yarns I've seen!

Designs by Romi - Shawl-tacular!  Shawl-riffic!  Shawl-tastic!  (drool drool... all of her designs are so lovely!)

CosmicPluto Knits - just because Laura Rocks.  Complete Knitting Rock Star.  nuff said!

Too Much Yarn... so Little time - another self admitted sock-yarn-a-holic... I enjoy reading about the way you "control" your stash.  Quite honestly, if I had access to the beautiful yarns you do... I'd be DROWNING in them because I'd never let any. of. them. go.  period!


Phew!  That's quite a list!  I hope you all enjoy browsing the sites, and find as much inspiration and joy in them as I do :)

5. October 2010 10:51
by Jobo

Finished Della Socks!

5. October 2010 10:51 by Jobo | 2 Comments

What a Fun Knit!  (I even talked my mom into trying a pair of these puppies... hers look great too!)

Della Socks finished 2

I like the contrast between the leg and foot patterns, and for some reason I am really pleased with the garter stitch "Anklets" too!  All in all, this pair has been a pleasure to knit, and has had enough uniqueness and unusual additions to keep the whole thing fresh and interesting - from Zigzagging Cuff to Kitchenered Toes.

Della Socks finished 6 The Yarn is what really steals the show though... This Yarn was the special skein I won over on Violently Domestic from the lovely Hunter Hammersen! 

In case you didn't read the previous post... Hunter is one of my Sock Rock-Star Idols... go check out her patterns!  They are fantastic!  and plus she has a new book coming out in December.  I preordered mine last week!

Back to the Yarn... it is Sirius 100% Merino Sock Yarn in "Sky Pirate" from Barking Dog Yarns 

The Blues, Teals and Purples were a challenge to capture accurately on camera, but I think the top photo shows it most clearly (notice my helper?  he made sure someone had sniffed and walked allllll over the socks the prerequisite number of times before the photos were taken)

The yarn itself has a nice feel in the skein, and an equally pleasing feel in the finished socks.  It is plied tightly enough to make a smooth tight fabric, but still retains it's bounce and stretch too. 

The dye job created just enough pooling interest for my liking.  I have cast on for this pattern several times before with different yarns, but I wasn't sure how I'd like the pooling and flashing around the chevron portion of the leg.... so I had decided to err on the side of caution and try something else for those yarns.  I'm really glad I just jumped in with both feet (hardy-har... Feet!)on choosing this yarn and pattern to go together, because I really like the end result.

I have another pink skein of yarn from this company... a Cashmere blend too!  I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for it and get started on that someday.

Della Socks finished 4

12. September 2010 14:26
by Jobo

IK2: Round One Complete - Loch Ness Fog

12. September 2010 14:26 by Jobo | 1 Comments

After much struggling for motivation, finally I have completed my "Loch Ness Fog" socks!  Both the color, combined with the fact that I have been re-listening to the audio books of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series... have gotten me thinking about Scotland.  (The series is awesome, and the reader for the audio books is superb!  I get lost in the story and realize I've stopped knitting to listen!)

finished loch ness fog

The socks have turned out as planned... though the texture is a little busy I think.  I am glad I decided to use a mostly solid color for these, because I think I would have really disliked any extra distraction from the color. 

The yarn here is Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Stroll in "spruce", and as always this yarn was a pleasure to work with.  The completed socks are soft, warm and comfortable. 

Seeing as how this was my first pair of 2-at-a-time socks... I am pretty pleased with the new skills I've learned.  After some coaching from the other members of Team Canada I decided to go for broke and try and turn both heels at the same time on the same circular needle.  The process was a little fiddly, but mostly painless, so I am glad I decided to try it out.  I think it would have been way worse to try and shift the socks to different needles and then shift back again.  I will definitely try this technique again sometime.  I think it will be perfect for simple ribbing or stockinette socks... much faster than trying to do one and then remember exactly what I did to complete the second one.  I really liked that aspect, not having to write down the details so I can remember them for the second sock.

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