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7. August 2009 18:24
by Jobo

Not Mary Kate and Ashley Socks (and her Royal Highness: Queen Kitchner)

7. August 2009 18:24 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Another pair of socks off the needles... and even got all the ends woven in and worked a successful kitchener toe!

I used to be really afraid of toe-grafting, but I think I am finally over it.  I think part of the reason I always felt like I was awful at kitchener was that I thought the toe should look "finished" as you go... and after some reading of help sites and tips from other people I realized that most people work the toe and then have to gently tighten and bring the stitches together.  When the graft was first done, it looked like a messy unorganized pile of stitches, but after inserting my blunt yarn needle carefully into each stitch all the way across and nudging each stitch into place, (similar to tightening shoe laces) my graft is indistinguishable from the rest of the knit toe.  even the ends of the graft are clean and disappear once the end is woven inside. 

No longer will I shy away from traditional sock patterns for fear of her Royal Highness Queen Kitchener!  and neither should you!

My favorite How-to-Kitchener article is this one from Knitty:  clear, concise, useful, and with great pictures too!   With some careful attention and patience, I was able to work the graft following these directions step-by-step the first time through.

All in all, very satisfied with my second pair of Jaywalkers, and also with the striping/patterning in the yarn.  I think yarn made with this technique almost looks like it has watercolours splashed on... with the gentle blending and shifting colours.

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Those socks rock! I must try that pattern sometime!

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