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25. August 2009 18:01
by Jobo

Merino-liscious! more spindling with Golding

25. August 2009 18:01 by Jobo | 1 Comments

I've been playing around with my Golding some more over the last few weeks... kind of a novelty maybe?  A new toy to play with?

It has actually been quite nice to work at a spinning project that I can actually take along with me, kind of like I take my knitting with me.  I was able to bring along some fiber and work on my latest yarn while sitting around chatting at my inlaws place on the weekend.  I really enjoy working on my wheel, but for reasons different than the spindle perhaps.  Really when you think about the methods and mechanics of how one would spin on a spindle vs spinning on a wheel, there are some obvious similarities, and also some obvious differences, but I think that's what makes them both so enjoyable as unique activities.

Spindling is quite a bit slower for me than wheel spinning, especially since I haven't had as much time to cultivate my spindling skills as I have to hone my wheel spinning.  Although, apparently for experienced spindlers, the process can yield yarn just as fast as a wheel spinner.  Maybe when I have had more practice I will be more efficient.  Already I can make longer stretches of single at a time than I could in the beginning, and my actions are less clumsy and awkward. 

And what am I spinning?

Fleece Artist 100 % Merino - in greens/blues/purples

I was aiming for a fairly thin 2-ply yarn, and was trying a new technique with this one.  I wanted to end up with a yarn that had long stretches of colour, where both plies lined up colour-wise all along the yarn (with slight transitions where the strands overlap in colour of course)

Close up!

So I took my lengths of roving and fluffed them up carefully (Since they had been squished in a bag in the stash for quite some time) and then as evenly as possible, I divided the roving in half lengthwise.  I tried to eyeball it as closely as possible, and since I had carefully fluffed the fibers, it was easier to separate.  In the end I had 2 (almost) identical halves, and planned on spinning each half separately and then plying them together, hoping that both singles would be similar enough that the colour stretches would line up quite closely.  My roving was approximately 60g, so I hoped that I could fit 30 g on my Golding at a time without too much trouble. 


Once I had spun each half, and wound them off of the spindle onto some cardboard tubes, I was ready to ply.  I didn't think the finished yarn would fit on this spindle, since the cops themselves pretty much filled the shaft, I didn't want to chance having to splice.  (Sorry, I didn't think to take photographs of the full cops)  I decided to ply on the wheel (both faster and more orderly)

This is what I ended up with:  around 350 yards of fingering-ish weight yarn... with nice colour transitions.  8 transitions in all - Lime Green, to Teal, to Blue, to Green, to Olive Green, back to Lime, then Blue and Teal again.  

My goal was to have a light yarn that I could knit a scarf or shawl out of and hopefully highlight those transitions.  I'm thinking something like Ysolda's Ishbel?  Anyone have any suggestions?






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That yarn is gorgeous!  I love the colors.  I have got to make myself get back into my spinning and dyeing.  I would love to have some yarn those colors.

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