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3. February 2010 10:08
by Jobo

Iron Knitter Round #2: Lace Socks not for the Faint of Heart...

3. February 2010 10:08 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Yesterday was a really hairy day.  I knew that the second round of trivia obstacles would be ready to go in the afternoon... and I knew that with my Split shift that I would get in Zero knitting time before I got home at 9 pm.  I'm not sure why I thought I could manage a 14 hour workday and still knit half of a sock, but anyways... I digress...

arucania lime

I started with this:  Arucania Ranco Solids in "lime" - soft squishy greeny goodness.

Late Tuesday evening, in anticipation, I had wound the skein into a ball (with the help of my one-man-pit-crew - Marky) and gathered sets of DPNs in 2 mm, 2.25 mm, and 2.75 mm just for good measure.

After a tussle with a crossword style word challenge - Team Canada was successful in earning access to the newest pattern... and oh what a pattern it is!

*Wishing for Spring by Janine Le Cras*

Looking back, I think my yarn choice was absolutely perfect for this pattern... the limey / lemonade shades of yellowish green will really complement this lace design - which features really intricate vines and leafy sections and trellis-like cables.  Normally, I would reserve the knitting of such complicated patterns for a time when I can park myself at home on the sofa and not move for a few hours at a time... but in keeping with the spirit of Iron Knitter, I need to get these babies done *fast*  so fast that I make it into round 3!  So I've been carefully marking on the chart, trying to keep track of where I am after every 2-3 rows so I can make progress on my Breaks and Lunch.  I hope I don't get lost anywhere, or there may be tears over this pair!

The pattern itself is Lovely with a capital L.  The charts are well written (albeit with a quick errata pointed out by another Iron Knitter where a K2tog was in the wrong place in the leg chart)  and every patterned section is clearly charted out for easy peasy following. 

This sock will present a particular challenge for me in that it requires me to learn 2 new techniques!

wishing for spring web cuff picot web1) Picot Cuff

- while not all that complicated, this is a first for me.  The first cuff turned out great, and I can finally add these girly cute little edgings to my repertoire book. 

- For those of you who are unfamiliar, the picot cuff is simply a bunch of stockinette rows, then a row of (K2tog, YO)* to the end of row, then more rows of stockinette.  When you fold the whole thingamabob in half at the K2tog row, you get a row of neat tidy little picots! (see photo left)


2) Patterned Heel

- In this top-down design, even the heel is ornamented with lace.  I think the only section that doesn't have some sort of patterning is the sole of the foot!  I have heard gripes from other knitters that patterned heels may not last as long as the sturdy construction of a slip-stitch heel... but I hope the girly prettiness of the whole thing makes it worthwhile.  Plus, it's a good excuse for me to learn how to do one ;) since this is a competition and we are supposed to be challenging ourselves... aren't we?

Here is a quick pic of my progress.  I knitted like a trooper when I got home last night, and again on my lunch break today!  I know it doesn't look like I made much headway, but hopefully tonight will provide more reasonable amounts of knitting time.

wishing for spring web2

15. January 2010 08:00
by Jobo


15. January 2010 08:00 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Here is a sneak peek of a shawl I've been working on the last week or so... getting ready to finish it up soon!

Yes folks, it is another "198 yds of Heaven" Shawl but this time not made from handspun.  I decided to try a commercial yarn to make this one, but still wanted the yarn to have a unique feel.  I originally went out looking for Malabrigo Worsted, and the only color that I could find was a butter yellow - which would have been ok if the shawl was for myself, but the person I am making it for isn't a yellow person.  So instead I ended up with Patons Soy Wool Stripes (SWS) in color "Natural Denim".  The ball band says it is Medium Weight (4) but I think it's likely a little bit bigger around than a standard worsted weight yarn.  That's ok for a project like a shawl though, where gauge isn't really crucial in the end.  The only thing that really matters size-wise here is that it has a decent wingspan, and the intended recipient wants to be able to wrap herself up for warmth as well as fashionability.  The yarn itself is pretty soft and silky... and the fact that it is a "singles" style yarn is resulting in excellent stitch definition.  I particularly like the way that the bars of garter stitch are showing up between the arrowhead lace panels, as you can see below.  I also really love the way the YO's are resulting in nice big open eyelets :)

Seeing as how Sock Wars V begins tomorrow evening, this may be the last shawl type cast on you will see for a week or so... depending on how long it takes me to polish of my target ;)

Sws 198 Yds pins Sws 198 Yds  

Sws 198 Yds sexy YOs Sws 198 Yds closeup

1. Testing out my progress... shawl pinned to faux suede couch cushion.  2. Sample of the lace pattern close up... showing denim color fading to pewter grey.  3. "eyelets" formed by the rows of YO's... I especially like the twisty laddders.  4.  Another view of the lace panel and the graduated colors as they stripe in the finished product.

13. January 2010 04:38
by Jobo

Dragonfliers...? ready to fly away

13. January 2010 04:38 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Funny how lately it takes me longer to get socks blocked and ends woven in than it does to knit them in many cases?  I finished these socks, made from my X-mas gift yarn before new years, but with the extra long week  back to work, I only managed to completely finish and photograph them now.  I find with the short daylight hours, it is difficult to take good photos with any semblance of true colors? I am waiting for a nice sunny day to really get at it and take pics like crazy one of these days.

dragonfly socks done 2

This was a nice quick-and-painless knit? just the kind a knitter needs post-holiday.  The pattern was well written (Dragonfly Socks by Jocelyn Sertich) and easy to follow along.   I think this one will find it's way into my standby-list for straightforward socks suitable for travel knitting.  map socks

The pattern was great? but the yarn was something else.  I have always loved purple.  Purple is a great color to work with? nice in every type of natural and artifical light, and the variegation in this skein gave a nice mix between flashing and pooling - it was fun to knit a few rounds and see how the colors stacked up.  I do like solid, and semisolid yarns, but these pooling types are fascinating to me.  I saw a neat discussion on ravelry the other day all about "intentional" pooling on socks, and I think I would like to try it someday.  A sock artist (Hypercycloid) measured how many inches of yarn it took her to knit one round of her basic sock pattern on a specific needle size and then divided that length and tried to dye a skein to achieve a pooling effect where each color would stack onto itself.  The resulting socks did show a lot of stacked pooling, and seriously look like a map or something.  If you have any friends who are cartographers? this yarn would make an excellent and geographically appropriate gift *wink wink*   I know not everyone is a real fan of pooling, but I think that those of us who like it REALLY like it.  Someday maybe I will be able to do more experiments like that and see what I can come up with.

dragonfly socks done In the end, I think the yarn was the real star of this project? I was quite disappointed to see that when you go to the yarn manufacturer's website (Done Roving) that there isn't an obvious way to order more.  Apparently they make a bunch of different blends and weights of yarn, and Mom says that the store is really cool.  She said she had a difficult time choosing which yarn to buy because everything was so nice.  Thankfully I still have one more skein left to play with :) (insert evil laugh here!)

This yarn has an excellent dye saturation - nice bright and even colors.  I also really like the texture? feels like good quality wool, but not scratchy or itchy. It feels like the nice tightly spun plies will last nicely, and hopefully whoever ends up with this purple pair will be able to wear them for several winters.  I also have enough left from the skein to make a child/baby pair too, which is a good thing since there are a few new babies on the way this summer that I would like to make some knitted goodies for? Hmmm now I just have to figure out what I want to make with skein #2 ;)

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