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8. March 2010 11:15
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Caterpillars...

8. March 2010 11:15 by Jobo | 6 Comments

ok...  The title seems random...  But the color of this yarn reminds me of Caterpillars!  Greens, Greys, Black, and a hint of Rust here and there.  When we were little we used to see lots of fuzzy little many-legged creatures in the back yard while playing outside :)


This is only the first little skein in what will be a 4 skein series...  at approximately 160 yards of fingering weight, navajo 3-ply.  I am tempted to jump in and start knitting this guy up, but alas, I should probably keep on spinning before I do too much more scheming. 

The fiber here is some Hand Dyed Polwarth, in 4 ounce bags, from London-Wul over in Moncton.  I have 2 bags... so 8 ounces total.

I was drawn to the colors immediately but when I dug into the bag,  I found that there isn't really any kind of shade distribution in the roving.  Really, it's just random splashes of color - which I don't mind - but there are long sections that are only lime green, and others that are only black and really dark colors.  It would have been nice to have a more predictable variance maybe.  There were also a few felted bits from the dyeing process.  Overall I am pleased with the fiber, and the finished yarn is delectable... but I think I will ask to open up the bag and examine the roving next time I buy this product, just to get an idea of the dyeing pattern before I take it home.


I'll post some more pics when the rest of the pile has been converted from Fluff to yarn :)

22. February 2010 14:01
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Rainbow

22. February 2010 14:01 by Jobo | 3 Comments

I finally finished spinning up my braid of Rainbow BFL from Sheepish Creations...  and what a delightful spin it was!  The fiber itself was very well prepared and light and lofty.  I really didn't need to predraft anything, the nice long staple length and fine quality fiber just sailed through my fingers and onto the bobbin.  I can't wait to dig into the 8 ounces of Corriedale I purchased from them...  I have a feeling it might be even more fun... with all of the plummy purples and rich gold and blues.  It's a good thing I am on vacation for a couple weeks! 

over the rainbow 2

I ended up with around 470 yards of light fingering weight 2-ply yarn.  I tried to keep the colors together as much as possible, so the result is a long barber pole with a few meters of blended colors as the shifts happened.  At the time I was spinning it, I thought my finished yarn would be much thinner, and perhaps I would have gotten more yardage, but after a quick soak it seemed like the yarn really bloomed more than I would have expected.  It's all good though... My plan is to knit a scarf out of this to show off the long color changes.  Maybe something around 8-10 inches wide and open and lacy.  Originally I had thought of something like a "feather and fan" or "Old Shale" type pattern, but I have to do some more looking to see what else is out there.

over the rainbow

15. February 2010 11:05
by Jobo

Wear them? or Frame them?

15. February 2010 11:05 by Jobo | 3 Comments

folks... I've knit entire lace shawls that didn't have this much lace!  I'm not sure which part of these socks made them so challenging, but they were certainly not the sort of knit that you could drop and pick up haphazardly!

finished wishing 5

When I started out on this lacy journey, many of my fellow iron knitters were having issues with gauge and size problems.  There were many complaints of XLL cuffs and socks... but for some reason, I got great results with the exact needles called for (2.25 mm) and my first purchase of Araucania Ranco.  Maybe my results had something to do with the fact that the pattern was actually test knit with that yarn (something I discovered while browsing through the completed projects on Ravelry)

Either way, these babies fit fantastically.  The heel fits very nicely, and the teeny little cables on the side seem to just hug the right places.  The foot length was just right after 2 repeats of the chart pattern, so I did not need to fudge anything to add in the little leaf-motif for the toe.  I opted to continue the diamond pattern down the foot as well, because I liked it so much. 

Of the two lace panels, the diamond based one was by far my favorite.  I think it's because I have a thing for geometrics.  I like rounded, curly, leafy type patterns, but always seem to go back to angular, pointy, lattice-like types of motifs.  I guess everyone has a style.  I did really enjoy the contrast between the rounded and angular panels though, and I really got to practice my "cabling with no cable needle" technique on the little cables.  I will definitely try more teensy cables in future socks.

finished wishing 3

Oh.... and I made the cutoff!  I'm still in the competition... Onto pattern 3!

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