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12. February 2010 10:57
by Jobo

Sock Interlude - a simple pair of socks for a change...

12. February 2010 10:57 by Jobo | 2 Comments

saturn socksWith all of the crazy sock competition insanity going around... it was a very refreshing change to knit a plain pair of socks for a friend.

This pair was based on the most basic straightforward sock design I know.  The parts are all familiar and reliable, and I can work each section without a pattern or too much thought.  I don't even really need to watch my fingers anymore.

- Top Down (cuff to toes design)

- 64 Stitches in a round

- Plain 2x2 ribbing for 2 inches

- Traditional Gusset heal over 32 stitches (half of the total round)

- plain foot, tapered to 12 stitches and then kitchener stitch to finish.


The yarn was Regia Galaxy "Saturn" in color 1578, basically a self patterning grey/green/purple yarn.  It didn't exactly knit up in stripes, but almost that way.  From what I gather the yarn is supposed to make stripy swirly patterns that resemble the look of a planet from space.

Initially, I thought maybe the yarn was going to feel itchy and/or traditional style wooly, but it did seem to soften some during the knitting process.  I chose to use this yarn specifically because of it's reputation for being tough.  The ball band even goes so far as to state that the finished socks will be "machine washable up to 40 degrees C, no felting, dryer proof with 10 years Regia-Garantie" so I hope they live up to their promotion.  The finished socks were knit on 2.75 mm DPNs, and the fabric still felt nice and solid.   Even after being carried around in my purse for a week, there was no sign of any fuzzing or pilling (don't laugh, I had a pair I was making from Bernat Sox that were junk and looked like they had been worn for a year BEFORE I was even done knitting them!)  I would definetly use Regia Products again, though I am not always attracted to the types of self striping/patterning yarns that they seem to be coming out with lately.

I wasn't crazy about the pattern that the yarn made... but these socks are for a man, so it does look sufficiently like camouflage style print to still be acceptable (so says my picky husband who thinks socks should be all one color - Blasphemy says I)  I didn't really do any special blocking on these, as you can tell, which doesn't make for great photos, but the recipient tells me they are warm and wooly, just the way he likes them!

8. February 2010 09:32
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Another great sock yarn find!

8. February 2010 09:32 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Earlier in January, I was introduced to Webs - another great online yarn retailer.  They have a special "Closeouts" section, where they list yarns that are being discontinued, or that the company was able to sell off at a greatly discounted price.  Since we are all trying to cut back on unnecessary spending, I figured that this might be a good chance for me to check out the sales, and perhaps try some new sock yarns for some pretty reasonable prices.

I was drawn immediately to the Araucania Ranco section... I have seen many projects made by other Ravellers, and the reviews looked good.  Plus the "Solids" selection was on sale for 7.99$ (US) per skein.  I couldn't resist, I ordered up two yummy skeins and hoped for the best!

Arucania Arucania Ranco Solid in "Lime" and "Fuschia"

After having made just one sock out of the lime green stuff, I am hooked.  I really like the feel of the yarn - very bouncy and full, but not itchy or stiff feeling.  Just the right balance.  When knit up, the stockinette sections of my sock are nice and smooth, but yet cables and lace are clearly defined too! The finished fabric is just right on 2.25 mm needles, not too dense or too thin.  I will definitely be buying more of this.

1. February 2010 05:55
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Sheepish Creations... nothing short of Magical!

1. February 2010 05:55 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Sheepish Creations BFL

Sheepish Creations - 100% Hand painted BFL (4 oz)

While Surfing on Etsy.... (don't do this unless you have room for MORE BEAUTIFUL FIBER) I came a across a great little store:  Sheepish Creations - a great little fiber store featuring hand dyed fibers and handspun yarns from a very creative mother and daughter team of fiber artists!

I was particularly intrigued by their "Mystery Colorway" listings... basically for 4 oz hanks of various fibers (i.e. Corriedale and BFL) in unique mystery colors.  I often buy fibers that are photographed and described listings, but this was the first time I felt compelled to order "Surprise Fiber."

I have been really inspired by other spinners lately who choose braids of hand dyed fiber in colorways that I don't seem to be drawn to (browns, oranges, etc) and somehow come up with amazing beautiful hanks of yarn!  I thought, hey why not!  I'll get some lovely fiber, and someone else will choose the color for me... give me a chance to step outside the box!

Sheepish Creations Corriedale2Sheepish Creations - 100 % Hand painted Corriedale (8 oz) 

I was ecstatic when the box finally arrived!  (I *might* have freaked for a few minutes thinking that it was my "Death Socks" for Sock Wars V until I saw the postmarks and such)  The colors are VERY vibrant, and both fibers are soft and fluffy and bouncy!  I have to seriously fight the urge to bury my face in each of them every time I walk by!  The lovely Ladies of Sheepish Creations must have advanced re-fluffing diplomas because these braids are so lofty and light!  I'd love to know the technique to get such heavenly results! (hint hint!)

I'm not sure what these will become yet... but I'm sure I will have fun petting them and daydreaming of what they will be "when they grow up" into yarn later on this month.  I'll keep you posted as the spinning unfolds!  Needless to say, I will definitely be ordering more of this stuff... exceptional quality and enchanting colors!

If it wasn't for Iron Knitter and Sock Wars, I would have jumped right into the spinning.  I am showing *much* restraint!  Don't you Think?  How do you resist the urge to dive into a new project?  are you a Monogamous knitter/spinner?

For more info about Sheepish Creations... click the banner below!  Thanks for the Great Fiber Ladies!


sheepish banner

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