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Bouquet Ideas

 Here goes.... I seem to like most things I see, so expect lots of pictures!

Items needed:

Wedding party - 

     1x Bride's Bouquet

     3x Bridesmaid's Bouquets

     1 x Groom's Boutonniere

     3 x Groomsmen's Boutonniere

     1 x Bouquet for 'Tossing'

     ** Special Corsages for Moms, Dads, Grandmas...  will need silk flowers for 1x Grandma and 1x Grampa **

Church -

     - Several arrangements for the front of the church

     - rose petals for the aisle

     - more details tba

Reception -

     - Flowers for Floating in vases

     (I bought small round vases... planning to float something purple/white in water, clear/light mauve "crystals" in the bottoms of the vases and candles all around)

     - several arrangements for around the room, at the cake table, and at the guest-book table

     - more details tba


For Boutonnieres :

- I particularly LOVE the colour of that first Rose - all Plummy and dark, with the lighter centre

- the centre roses (dark all the way through are nice also)

- Perhaps a distinct one for the Groom, and 3 similar ones for the Groomsmen?  (they will be wearing Black suits, with white shirts, and a Brown/gold paisley tie)

Bouquet Flowers:

- Roses are simplicity and beauty all wrapped into one.   I would prefer flowers that are easy-going, and won't wilt to quickly or die on a hot day.  For me, the colours of the flowers really are more important than which types of flowers are used.

- Maybe some roses as the main flower, and a few accents?  i.e. some small white flowers? or some embellishments? (See below) 

Bouquet Shapes:

- I prefer a tight floral arrangement to the flowing/trailing variety... simply because I am so short!  I don't want a bouquet that stretches to the floor

- It could be a little more airy if that is necessary for effect, but please not  long and trailing.

Ribbons / Embellishments:

- I like the idea of a matching sheer ribbon running through the bouquet, if at all possible.  Even a sheer white one maybe if the colour is difficult to match?  Some designers also add sparkly rhinestones in around the flowers (on stems or glued to sturdy flowers, i.e. on centres) or strings of faux pearls?

- I definetly want wrapped stems.  In particular, there are some really nice examples of satin ribbons for wraps with pearl headed pins to secure the ribbon. My dress is a cream colour, so if the ribbons are to be light in colour, not a pure white or winter white, more of a cream colour please.

- I can find some rhinestone pins or something if you want... I already have a bunch of music note shaped ones, and some hair clips that might be useable  This one is simple and beautiful!

here are some arrangements with just the right colours:



I really like this one also!




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