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27. August 2008 19:20
by Jobo

Home Sick...

27. August 2008 19:20 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Over the last few months it has become painfully obvious that we should move to the city.  I drive 55 minutes a day to and from work, which isn't that awful most of the time, but is brutal in the winter.  Not knowing if the weather will change and you might get stuck driving in dangerous situations, and missing days because of snowstorms.  Atlantic Canada really is known for volatile weather.  You just never know what you might see.  And then there's the time investment of the drive in it's purest sense - I drive at least 6 hours a week.  Think of all the sleeping in and knitting that I could accomplish with 6 extra hours in my week.  So Bottom line, it makes sense to go.  Now we just have to do it.  It has been a real roller coaster for me looking at houses.  I fall in love so easy, then things turn out to be different than originally expected, or deals fall through.  Mark says I am such a "girl".  I say, yeah?  and?

So we've finally found a house we are interested in...  talk about stressful.  Now there's a barrage of feelings and worries and guilt to contend with.  Trying to get our home ready to sell sounds like such an overwhelming obstacle, but if it doesn't sell right away, then we lose out on the beautiful thing we have just found.  Thats the juggling act I guess... Selling what you have already vs. finding an eligible home to pounce onto.  At this point I am afraid to get too excited, but part of me is just bursting with anticipation.... then theres the other part that is nauseus, has heartburn, and honestly wishes she could go curl up in the corner and take a nap!  I guess I just have to resign myself to be patient, hope for swift simplicity of sale, and go along for the ride....


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