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4. October 2008 11:28
by Jobo

Do it yourself Wrist Warmers

4. October 2008 11:28 by Jobo | 7 Comments


Another easy project... using leftover yarn from the "Brownies for Breakfast" sweater I finished earlier this week, I decided to use up some of the remaining yarn, and make some Wrist Warmers.  I don't know if these qualify as Fingerless gloves or mittes, just because they have no thumbs.  Basically just a tube, with Thumb Openings.  The pattern is loosely based on some of the fingerless mitts patterns I found on ravelry, loosely in that I used them to decide how many stitches to cast on, and how long to make them.  The cable itself is one that I learned to to a very long time ago, and can be found on the Aran Afghan that lives on our couch in the living room (which I was curled up under when I decided I should try knitting a pair of these!)   The back of the mitts is done in K2 P2 Ribbing for maximum stretch and comfort.

The model, by the way, is wearing her very favorite, brand new, italian lambskin coat... Rawr!  (Gosh I love my new coat!)


Keep Toasty!

Pattern to follow, when I get a chance to turn my chicken scratch notes into somethings other people can decipher.

If you like the mitts, and would like a pair... they are for sale! please go to my etsy store: !


Comments (7) -

i love these! they are so perfect ... for any outfit! please let me know if / when you have written the pattern!?

I've got a black pair of cut-off gloves, although they do cover my fingers better, their not so long across the wrist - those look much thicker as well!

I think those are perfect for me because I have used one similar being knitted by my MOM. They work like a charm.

I need the pattern as well because I am pretty new to all this knitting world. Although I am still learning but I am keen to be an expert.

They are not available in stores in my local area so I am wondering that if I can find a pair online?

The site which is listed in the post is not loading here and I think there is some problem with it. Anyways, this is very comfortable products and I'll love to have one. It would be great if you can share the pattern.

Pretty good pair but it is not shown in the right way. I think another outfit can make it even better.

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