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26. June 2009 18:27
by Jobo

It ain't easy being GREEN - Jaywalkers

26. June 2009 18:27 by Jobo | 2 Comments

After a couple of weeks of wedding and organizational insanity... We got Hitched!

Saturday June 20 was a cloudy but otherwise beautiful day... with only a few raindrops, and lots of smiles.  I will post more wedding pics and things later on when I get a chance to round up some pictures from the fam and friends (usually i am the one who takes all the pictures, so it is weird to have like Zero of my own)

The Bride and Groom!

Me, Christina, Jenna, and Melody waiting for the photographer to take some pics!

We decided to travel in New Brunswick for our Honeymoon - to the Bay of Fundy

One stop, and one of my personal favorites for this trip, was a hike into Third Vault Falls - a challenging trail that goes 2 hours into the woods and ends at a beautiful 16 metre falls.  The place is secluded and unbelievable!  Mark and I usually aren't much for outdoor strenuous activity, but we both felt compelled to challenge ourselves and try out this trail... so in we went!  and the Falls did not disappoint.

Green moss covered rocks at Third Vault Falls - Fundy National Park

And all this Green Background brings me back to the KNITTING!  Now that I finally got a few moments to myself, I decided to treat myself and start a new project:  Jaywalker Socks.

I know what you are all thinking... ANOTHER project?  why?  you have fifteen million already on the go!?  ok, I just gave in to my bad self and said: self - start those socks.  Just do it.

The Yarn -

  • Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock
  • no colourway listed... but looks like Kermit the Frog to me, or maybe a herb garden through the blender?  I'm Calling it "Ain't easy being Green"
  • Handpainted Green on Green
  • 2 Ply 100% Merino Wool

The Pattern -

  • Grumperina's Jaywalker
  • straight from the pattern... no need to mess with perfection! 

When I first saw this yarn at the store it just Screamed my sister's name.  She is the Green Girl.  Having a head of long beautiful auburn red hair all her life has meant that she was forever dressed in shades of green... and actually This mossy vibrant green is her favorite colour.  Generally, if I see anything in this colour I can be safe in buying it for her.  So this yarn just jumped out and said:  Make Jenna some Socks with ME!

Last year after christmas, Jenna had mentionned that she found her feet cold in the new house when it was really cold outside... so perfect Christmas Gift.  I can post about things like that here since she doesn't read about crafting (please don't tell her?)

As for the choice of pattern... I was wanting to make something out of this yarn that would highlight the handpaintedness... but not have too much intrinsic pattern that would be drowned out by potential pooling or flashing.  After looking for pics of what other people did on rav with this kind of handpainted yarn I decided that it was time I tried making a pair of jaywalkers (since everyone else on the planet already had?!)

detail of zigzag pattern

detail of slipped stitch heel

Once I got started knitting I was really pleased with the results.  The handpainted yarn didn't flash or pool at all!  but instead made a lush blended greeny texture that reminds me a lot of the greens in that waterfall moss.

Here is Sock Number one with my herb garden... she fits in just fine!  The zigzaggyness really fits in well with the yarn.  One thing to keep in mind though... when they say that this ziggy fabric doesn't have much stretch - they aren't kidding!  I made the smallest size and they fit my feet really well (sister's are same size!)  but there really isn't much give to the finished fabric. If they were any smaller, I would have a hard time getting them over my heel.  Again, I guess this is why swatching is recommended on this one.  I did not bother making a separate swatch, but I did take the time to try on the sock often during the process to make sure that it would fit properly.  This of course would have been more difficult if I was making them for someone with a different sized foot than my own (doh!)

in attempts to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome... I cast on for the second sock right after grafting the first one!  I found a pretty simple tutorial for Kitchener here on Knitty... I have generally run kicking and screaming from Kitchener Grafting since my first lousy experience attempting it in my teens.  The tutorial was laid out in an easy to follow manner, and within about 15 minutes I had my toe done.   (Marky couldn't tell where the seam was, so I guess successfully too!)

More Green Socky Craziness later on... when I get number two done :)  



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You looked absolutely stunning!  And can I just say how much I heart the brown bridesmaid dresses?  It's wonderful to see someone else who's loves brown as much as I do.  What a wonderful deep rich color you picked and it's looked spectacular on all of them.


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