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1. July 2009 09:11
by Jobo

What do you get when you cross a......

1. July 2009 09:11 by Jobo | 1 Comments



Surprisingly enough... when you mix camel fiber and silk you get an awesome, airy, light as a feather, soft, almost like gossamer hair Fiber!

When I asked my Dad what he thought it was... he wasn't so sure.  Didn't think it was wool... but it was so much like "hair" and was so smooth and soft.  Well I was surprised too at just how soft and airy it was.

I bought 4 ounces of this on my latest trip to London Wul - mostly because I liked the soft gold/beige colour, but also because I had been specifically looking for some sort of silk blend to make some true laceweight yarn.  I had never really even considered camel at this point.  About all I knew of camels is that they have 2 humps... and 2 coats - down and guard hairs that have to be removed.  Apparently down can be really fine and soft (bigtime apparently)

So I set out on the Spinning (glass of awesome Strawberry Wine in hand that was leftover from the other night's Beer Can Chicken Experiment - Yum!) and what a dream to work with!  This stuff wants to spin thin and strong, so I think it will be perfect for my purpose.  No Slubs or tangles.  Silky and smooth, but not too slippery or too grabby.  I could buy a bathtub full of this stuff and just roll around in it!  

I have one 2 oz bobbin finished now.  I wish the camera would catch all of the luster and shine of this fiber... and it is so light that in the breeze from, the window... one of the drafted pieces Sitting next to me was gently picked up and blew away across the room! Blew away!  in a draft from the window!

I am working on the second bobbin... and thought I should take some pics of the fiber before it is all wrapped up into yarn.  My singles are lustrous and strong.  This will make a beautiful yarn... with all the strength and shine of the silk, but the bounce and squish of wool.  Who knew I'd like this as much?  I think I've been smitten by the silk worm.  I might, erm, have gone out and ordered some more tussah too.  Sorry pocketbook.

Closeup of the fiber and bobbin - I think this shows some of the golden gossamer hair qualities of the fiber.  It's like spinning sunshine!


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Oh that fiber looks so luscious! It makes me want to reach out and pet my computer screen. Which I really shouldn't do since it is a touch screen.

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