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2. October 2009 18:51
by Jobo

Sock Yarn - forget 'Carte Blanche'... I have 'Yarne Blanche'

2. October 2009 18:51 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Pretty mountain of undyed yarn... *pat pat*

A few weeks ago I got the bright idea to go ahead and try dyeing some yarn... since I am enjoying dyeing wool I figured - Hey! Whynnot?

I bought 1 kg of yarn (about 2.2 lbs) which works out to be 10 x 100 g skeins.  This particular lot is Superwash Merino (with 25% nylon for durability) Sock Yarn which has approximately 450 yards per skein (so a nice big fat skein)

When It finally arrived, I was really impressed at the softness and consistant quality of the yarn. I think it will be really fun to start dyeing it up and using my imagination.  It's kind of like a Yarn "Carte Blanche"!  Sky is the limit.  I thought I might try and sell a few skeins to offset the cost of buying so much at once... but I fear this might be more difficult than it sounds.  I already have a 'thing' for hording sock yarn!

This is what 1 kg of yarn looks like in a bag... resist... urge... to dive in.... resist!

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Ohh.. I really want to learn knitting.. But I think I don't have the skills on that thing.. Frown You are very good in it, I guess.. Good!

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