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31. May 2010 10:45
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday - Moving is Killing my Yarn Buzz

31. May 2010 10:45 by Jobo | 2 Comments

cardboard box

Finally, we are moving the end of June.  Moving = Packing.

This weekend I packed up the majority of my stash... gently touching, petting, and then packing each skein.  You would all laugh at me if you knew how many boxes leaving my studio were filled with yarn and fiber alone.  I laughed at myself really :P

Oh Glorious Yarn Stash!  How I love thee.  I dream of projects to be made out of each ball and skein, like promises of enjoyable knitting to come... someday!  There are yarns of every weight and color, and I love them all!  And then there are the bags of fluffy, light, wonderful wools.... Don't get me started on spinning fiber.  I might have to unpack it, roll around in it, and have a little yarny nap in it!  That might put the packing schedule a little bit behind...

There may not be many Yarn Candy Monday Photos for a little while until I am able to unpack my toys.  Rest assured however, that I have an extra large basket of my very favorite yarns at the ready...  Just because I'm moving doesn't mean I won't knit this month!  The knitting may be the only thing that saves my sanity....

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I would not laugh. Smile I would commiserate/sympathize/exult with you. I have rather more fiber than yarn, myself. Good luck with your move - I hope to be doing the same thing next year, and I'm pretty certain I will need someone to commiserate/sympathize/exult with me then!

I just did the same thing!  But, I miscalculated how much knitting to leave out... I finished knitting everything that was unpacked with days left to go!  Fortunately, a stop to my LYS solved the problem Smile

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