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22. September 2010 09:02
by Jobo

Watch Your Back... Bunny Invasion!

22. September 2010 09:02 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Like inquisitive little children... Angora Bunnies love to get themselves into interesting predicaments... I can't turn my back for a second!  The other day he climbed INTO my husbands book bag.  Not just on top of... seriously the little fuzzybutt climbed right inside the zippered portion where the books go!  I hope he didn't leave any "gifts" inside while he was there.  My camera unfortunately was not around at the time so I didn't get to capture that escapade.

While I was unloading the dishwasher yesterday...  I turned my back only for a second...


Apparently the excitement of the expedition won out and lo and behold... He scaled the mountain!  And perched satisfyingly... er.... near the Slow Cooker.  He actually stayed in there a long time... well long enough for Mommy to finish putting away the Tupperware anyways lol.

Ruttigersept19cupboard4 I am the Ruler of this Cupboard!  bow to me, Human, I am the King!

Seriously, never a dull moment around here... I can't turn my Back for a Second!

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do you have other animals besides the bunny? i am interested in eventually getting an angora rabbit (or a couple) but i'm not sure how well they will get along with cats.

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