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24. November 2011 13:08
by Jobo

Passing the time?.

24. November 2011 13:08 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Being off work is taking some getting used to?. 

The first weird thing? is that I?m actually ?done? done with that job, and when I return to work after the baby, I actually will be going back to the Hospital where I worked previously.  So not only am I finished of work and going to be home for an entire month before the baby gets here? I?m actually feeling a bit of a loss from knowing that things are just ?over?.  It will be fine to be back working at the hospital I?m sure, but at the same time it kind of feels like a chapter is ending.  It?s a bit strange to be so nostalgic about the whole thing really.

The other weird thing is the complete lack of a routine I have going on.  I try to get up reasonably early in the morning, but with no specific place to be at any specific time, I?m finding it a challenge to feel accomplished or organized in any way.  I?ve been doing some knitting, trying to take some naps, get some errands run, and even doing some baking (see Cinnamon Buns below? oh so yuimmy!) and still haven?t found my pace completely yet. 

Here?s hoping things get a little more comfortable soon :)  On the positive side ? the little beastie is growing and progressing just as planned.  In fact s/he is kicking mommy in ribs as I type this!


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