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8. February 2015 17:54
by Jobo

Spinning and a Plying Ball

8. February 2015 17:54 by Jobo | 8 Comments

I've been struggling for the past week with another bout of lack of sleep... to the point of not really being able to see straight, let alone follow a pattern or count things.  lol.  Yes, that tired.  childrenpleasegtfts.

When I'm exhausted... spinning is my go-to activity.  It's repetitive, methodical, and best of all... NO counting or keeping track of anything.  Just grab a handful of fiber and draft, flick, draft, flick, wind, repeat.  It's soothing even to type it out.

I've been working on my Fat Cat Knits "Dragonfly" Gradient on Merino and it is coming along famously.  I bought 6 oz... and separated it out to make a nice fine 2-ply running from deep plummy purple through a robin egg shade of blue, into teal, and finally lime green.  (you can read more about it here)

The fiber was divided into 4 portions (2 identical pieces of purple/blue and 2 identical pieces of teal/lime) and I've completed the spinning of both the purple/blue ones - so I wound a plying ball the other night.  To give you an idea of the fineness of the singles... It took more than two hours to hand wind the ball from the full spindle cops.  I forgot to photograph the full spindles, but here is the pretty ball:


I'm hoping there will be enough yards of thread to make a really large stole or shawl.  Ideally I'd like to make a big round something, or maybe a big rectangle wrap.  With the gradient, it will be necessary to stick to a shape that will highlight the progression... but choosing the path will be part of the fun, as it always is.


Here is the lime green portion getting a good start... the spindle is a Grizzly Mountain Arts Bead... and the bowl is a nice shallow wooden Thai dipping sauce bowl :)  I am hoping to try and spin at least a few handfuls of fiber each day... even on the days I am really tired out.  The spinning seems to help.  Also - Chocolate and Coffee.  Forever.

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Love this! Thanks so much for sharing it.

My fav is cream but i wan tto try pink grapefruit sound yummy

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